• 01/04/2009

    Success at the first International PRE Forums held in Equator and Costa Rica

    ANCCE, in collaboration with the PRE Associations of Costa Rica and Ecuador, together with breeders from various countries, has held two of the four PRE forums planned for this year.

    The first was held on the 13th of March at the “El Condado” Tennis Golf Club in Ecuador.  It coincided with the National Conformation Championships and the 13th Spanish Horse Fair.

    Over 100 breeders attended, thanks to the work of the Ecuadorian Association.  A week later, on the 20th of March, the second of the forums took place at the La Caraña Equestrian Club in Costa Rica.  Once again, it coincided with another National Championships, in this case, that of Bonanza, and was attended by thirty breeders.

    The objective of these forums was to create a meeting place for breeders from all over the world, where they would have the opportunity to get to know each other and establish contacts, in addition to informing them about a current topic, in this case, chosen in advance. At both forums, the topic proposed was the PRE selection scheme—a topic that generated major interest and motivated the attendance of a large audience.

    At the conclusion of the conference, there was an open discussion with ANCCE representatives where breeders had the opportunity to dig deeper into those topics that interested them most.

    The success and format of the forums were praised.  The associations confirmed that they confided that this type of cooperation is maintained, as for breeders and enthusiasts in Ecuador and Costa Rica, it is the means to deepen into a series of topics which will be the push to stimulate the breeding of PRE Horses in these countries.

    It is unfortunate to see the lack of interest in this initiative shown by Spanish breeders.   Less than a dozen breeders from Spain—despite the efforts made by breeders’ associations and the interest shown on behalf of local breeders in participating of these meetings to share ideas and contacts—were on hand for the event. 
  • Source — ANCCE — 01/04/2009