• 30/03/2009

    PRE Promotion and Representation at EQUITANA

    EQUITANIA is the most important international equestrian fair in the world. It took place from the 14th to 22nd of March in Essen, Germany.  This World Equestrian Sport Fair is the second Fair this year, where ANCCE has been participated with a PRE promotional stand.
    EQUITANA, held at the Essen Fair Grounds, Norbertstraße, covers 90,000 m² distributed among 16 pavilions. There were about 850 exhibitors from 25 countries, and 208,000 visitors. During the 9-day event, this equestrian fair presents more equestrian events than any other in the world. 

    ANCCE had a stand of 40 m2 (10m x 4m) in a corner alongside the arena of pavilion 10/11.  We have had this same position for past five editions of EQUITANA.  The German Federation (FN), one of the event’s main consultants, was also located there.

    Two PRE Horses—owned by Full Members of ANCCE—traveled from Spain, these were: GUSARAPO, 2nd in Dressage at SICAB 2008, owned by Yeguada El Moralejo and ridden by Cándido Tardio; and BAILONGO, 3rd in the 2008 Spanish Championships for High School, owned by Yeguada Hnos. Maldonado Marron and ridden by Antonio Maldonado.

    The horses performed two daily shows to their own music, both in the main arena (pavilion 6) before 5000 people, as well at pavilion 10/11 where the ANCCE stand was located. Every time these PREs entered the arena, there was a surge of expectation, as the Purebred Spanish Horse is well known throughout all of Germany.  There, it is a well-positioned breed for riding, in Dressage and a sought after horse by many.
    ANCCE invested major efforts on promoting the PRE.  In addition to the extensive variety of promotional material distributed, they attended meetings with journalists from the most important equestrian magazines in Germany, such as: Reiter Revue, Cavallo, Reiter & Pierde, Freizeit Reiter, Mein Pferd, and Pegasus, among others, to offer them information about the PRE and SICAB so that they could publish information in their media. In addition, relationships with the German PRE associations, the Belgian PRE Federation, and the Dutch PRE Foundation have been extended.

    Finally, it must be highlighted that the PRE was represented at a large number of stands, both those of breeders and of associations. Yeguada Tomás Osborne, Caballos Llargués, Ganadería Casa Estanque, Caballos de la Luna, Yeguada Peña de Béjar, the Andalusian PRE Association, the Estirpe Carujana Association, EXPASA, the Catalonia Breeders’ Union and the two German PRE associations, AACPRE and Vereinigung fur Freunde PRE were at present at EQUITANA.
  • Source — ANCCE — 30/03/2009