• 27/06/2024

    SICAB 2024: Submit your Application to Renew/Request a Breeder Box

    You have until the upcoming 31st of August at 11:59 pm to send in your renewal/request form with the following conditions: 

    - Preference will be granted to Breeders who are members of ANCCE and who had a Breeder Box at the 2023 edition of SICAB.  These same breeders also enjoy the possibility of having a better location, based on availability.

    - The fee to reserve a Breeder Box is based on its location around the arena.  Preferential reservation rights are applicable ONLY until the 31st of August at 11:59 pm. horas, if and when you have sent in the corresponding registration form and the actual payment has been received by means of a credit card using ANCCE’s secure payment gateway, or by bank transfer into the account at the bank: IBAN ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 at the bank known as Caja Rural del Sur.
    *See fees using the link to the floorplan.

    For New Contracts:

    - As of Sunday, September 1st, and with no exceptions, any Breeder Box that has not been renewed will then be granted to those on the waiting list, following a first-come-first-serve system, based on the reception date on the form. Preference will be given to those breeders who reserve both a Stand as well as a Breeder Box. 

    - Stud farms on the waiting list that are granted a Breeder Box have five (5) days to pay for the Box. Should payment not be made, the next person on the waiting list will be notified.  

    [WEB] Breeder Box Renovation/Reservation Form

    [PDF] Floorplan

    [WEB] Access to credit card payment (ANCCE secure payment gateway)

  • Source — ANCCE — 27/06/2024