• 29/05/2024

    Commemorative Gold Bullion Coin Dedicated to the Carthusian Bloodline within the Purebred Spanish Horse Breed

    Spain’s National Mint, and to the delight of Purebred Spanish Horse enthusiasts, has issued an exclusive commemorative coin struck in one ounce of fine gold. The coin is dedicated to the Carthusian Bloodline. It is part of a one-ounce gold collectors’ set issued in 2021—dedicated to the Iberian lynx and then be expanded in 2022 to include a bull.  

    This commemorative coin is struck in 999.9 % fine gold, with a troy ounce weight of 31.104 grams. Its face value is €1.5 and is a limited edition with only 12,000 coins being issued.   

    To design this coinage, Yeguada de la Cartuja – Hierro del Bocado provided images of various horses. From among these, the most appropriate was selected for this commemorative coin.  

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    The obverse (heads) of the coin depicts a horse. To the left, following the circle upwards and in capital letters is the legend CABALLO CARTUJANO (Carthusian Horse), together with the mint mark and the 2023 issue year. To the top, horizontally and in capital letters is the face value of €1.5, surrounded by a border of pine nuts.  

    The reverse side of the coin (tails) features the representation of royal motifs and legends: two hemispheres under a royal crown, flanked by the Columns of Hercules with the motto PLUS ULTRA, all on a sea of waves. The upper center of the coin, within a circle, shows a latent quadruple image, the mintmark, a five-pointed star, the graphic symbol of the euro and the silhouette of columns. Surrounding the upper circle of the coin and in capital letters are the words FELIPE VI, REY DE ESPAÑA (King of Spain). In the foreground and to the bottom of the coin is the curved legend stating the weight of 1 ounce and 999.9 % pure gold, all surrounded by border of pine nuts.   

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    This commemorative coin is dedicated to Purebred Spanish Horses from the Carthusian bloodline, thus making it highly appreciated by both collectors and investors. The actual design of the coin is most outstanding, as it pays tribute to an extremely appreciated equine breed that is known for its elegance, functionality and historical importance in Spain.

  • Source — ANCCE — 29/05/2024