• 21/05/2024

    Spanish Horses: the Origin Premieres in the US

    American breeders and owners may consider themselves fortunate, as they may now view the documentary film Spanish Horses: the Origin on Amazon Prime and Vudu. It is the first film that explores the origins of Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE) by offering a closer view of the relationship between breeders, owners, equestrian performers, riders, grooms and veterinarians with their horses. At the same time, it provides information about breed history, origins and the role of this noble animal over the centuries.

    Directed and produced by videographer Francisco Javier Fernandez Bordonada from Aragon, following a script by Juan Albarracín Edo, this film was shot, for the most part, in Andalusia. It brings to light unknown information about the onset and origin of Purebred Spanish Horses thanks to the valuable testimonies of the various participants in this project. Among the many providing detailed information were Colonel Juan Manuel Lopez from the Military Stud farm in Ecija as well as Rafael M. Giron and Angel Maria Ruiz, these latter researchers at the Cordovan Provincial Historical Archives. Renowned Olympic rider Rafael Soto, veterinarian and equestrian expert Guillermo Garcia, or veteran breeders such as the Miura family, Ataya Stud Farm in Almeria together with historians such as archivist Lucia Millas, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, Cartuja Hierro del Bocado Stud Farm and La Corona equestrian center have all contributed to this project.

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    According to the film director, "it is a project that offers a different perspective into the world of Purebred Spanish Horses, by delving into the close relationship between horse and rider. Simultaneously, it sheds light on the breed’s historic origin—unknown to many—to provide continuity and educational data. Thanks to the testimonies of those who know the many details, this film is an excellent tool for cultural distribution”.

  • Source — ANCCE — 21/05/2024