• 26/01/2009

    2008 LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book annual report

    This report offers an outline of the actions taken by the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book throughout 2008, with the principle aspects of the services performed throughout the year that has just concluded.

    It was a very intense year in which the work that had accumulated over the previous year has been assimilated.  Registrations within Spain have gradually been brought up-to-date, and, it has now the registration process is opened to  the world.

    Services within Spain

    During 2008, the following LG PRE ANCCE services were carried out:  registration has been requested for 13,342 horses, from those born in 2008 and requested this same year. Of these, 8,886 have been registered.  In addition, as at the 31st of December, there were 2,998 blood samples being analyzed in the laboratory and 1,458 requests being processed from stud farms throughout Spain.

    Basic evaluations for breeding stock: 7,507 evaluations have been carried out, and on the 31st of December a further 1,300 were being processed. During 2007 6,784 evaluations were performed; this therefore represents a 10% increase over the previous year.

    Ownership cards: 18,252 cards were sent out in 2008, compared to the 22,437 in 2007.  Numbers are decreasing, and will further decrease with time.  This is because it was a new document that only appeared in 2007 and demand will continue to fall as time passes, due to the fact that all the registered horses will have acquired their card.  Moreover, foals born as of 2007 automatically incorporate the ownership card in their passports.

    Interestingly, there were 4,278 changes in ownership changes registered with the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book in 2008 compared to 171 in 2007. This service brings to light the change of ownership of a horse, and these numbers indicate the commerce during the year.

    20,967 passports were issued in 2008, compared with 1,684 in 2007.  Bear in mind that throughout 2008, the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book has been completing requests from 2007 due to computer problems.
    To date, 14,547 horses have been blood-typed free of charge. In 2007, 15,748 PRE horses benefited from this service, which means that the blood bank at our laboratory is almost complete.

    International Services

    On the international scene, in 2008 1,068 evaluations were carried out in eighteen countries. As of mid- 2007 to date, 1,102 registrations corresponding to 24 countries were performed, and, as of the 31st of December, a further 886 were being processed.

    In this section, we have been faced with some difficulties due to a lack of the DNA for some horses in countries on the American continent. This made it impossible for us to apply the general procedure and led to us having to analyze case by case to correctly identify each foal.  Needless to say, this slowed down the registration process.  Nevertheless, thanks to the collaboration of the breeders and associations in these countries, we have been able to collect most of the DNA formulas from the approved international laboratories that pooled resources with the previous of the Stud Book agent.

    Finally, 2,501 ownership cards have been sent out since the second semester of 2007.
  • Source — ANCCE — 26/01/2009