• 18/12/2023

    Appreciation Towards Breeders

    Dear Breeder,

    Even if we are all tired after organizing a new edition of SICAB, I do not want another day to go by without expressing my appreciation to each and every one of you. You have been an example for everyone, and have made this year’s edition extremely successful all levels, even if it may sound a bit cliché.

    As the President of ANCCE, if I were to define the event in a single word, it would be “peacefulness.” Organizing an event such as SICAB entails hustle and bustle; the general behavior of the participants has been exemplary and that is something I take pride in as the President. Nevertheless, I must not overlook the fact that a person, with the collusion of others—something that I will explain in due course—requested a court order to shut down SICAB 2023 right from the very day of its inauguration, using false pretenses and arguments that were dismissed.

    This fact is, in my opinion, extremely serious. Attacking SICAB is not a matter of going against me, nor is it a strike against the Board of Directors, nor even against the many people who work at ANCCE. It is a direct confrontation against an entire sector, which jeopardizes an economic system that thousands of people depend upon, including, but not limited to presenters, riders, veterinarians, farriers... and even the breeders themselves. Obviously, there will always be winners and losers and that inevitably involves both happiness and anger.  In all truth, I have noticed a much more relaxed atmosphere than at previous editions. There are always exceptions and those who seek the spotlight to show their animosity against directors and employees of the Association while vainly trying to distort the atmosphere, which is something they will never achieve.

    I have spoken with many of you, and apart from the enormous turnout that was much greater than at recent editions, I can confirm that SICAB 2023 was a commercial success. An amazing number of horses were sold, which is the real reason why SICAB was created. This event was born and has been established as the true commercial showcase for Purebred Spanish Horses. 

    If SICAB is a reality, it is thanks to your efforts, and I am well aware of that fact. It is the efforts of breeders who, one way or another, are committed and attend the venue with their horses to compete in the various disciplines. SICAB is not the merit of ANCCE’s governing body, or of those who may hold an office; it is much more than that! It is the heritage of the breeders who for 33 consecutive years have pampered and cared for a product that benefits Purebred Spanish Horses.

    I am proud to lead a group of breeders who, after more than three decades, have managed to make Purebred Spanish Horses the main protagonist of Spain’s equestrianism in autumn. Please allow me to announce that just a few days ago, the Secretariat of State for Trade at Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism granted SICAB the title of INTERNATIONAL,with the benefits that this offers us all at successive editions.

    With no further ado, I wish to thank you for your cooperation. May these holidays be the best ever!

    Affectionate greetings to all,

    Jose Juan Morales Fernandez

  • Source — ANCCE — 18/12/2023