• 13/11/2023

    A Group of International Opinion Leaders, Trainers and Journalists Will Visit SICAB 2023

    Thanks to a collaboration agreement between ICEX, FEAGAS and ANCCE, the International Purebred Spanish Horse Show (SICAB) is prepared to welcome renowned group of international guests. A party of fourteen trainers, opinion leaders and equestrian journalists from the United States, Germany, Holland, Russia and Kazakhstan will be at SICAB 2023 for a three-day experience to discover the ins and outs of this International PRE Horse Fair.

    The main objective of this encounter is to showcase the virtues of Purebred Spanish Horses in a unique and impressive setting. SICAB has become a world-class equestrian reference, and the diversity of this delegation reflects universal interest in PRE Horses.

    The aforementioned countries are represented by experts who will delve into Spain’s rich equestrian tradition. At the same time, this tradition plays a crucial role in the outreach of such experiences in their individual countries.

    Thanks to this initiative, ANCCE's commitment to internationalizing Purebred Spanish Horses is evident. In addition to seeking access to new markets, such efforts strengthen the position of PRE Horses where they currently have a well-established presence.

  • Source — ANCCE — 13/11/2023