• 19/01/2009

    ANCCE organized two conformation and general horsemanship clinics in Australia and one in New Zealand.

    Continuing with the Promotion Plan and more specifically in reference to clinics held abroad, three such clinics took place in December; two in Australia and one in New Zealand. The clinics enjoyed the collaboration of the PRE Breeders’ Associations of Australia (PREAA) and New Zealand (ACPRE - New Zealand) as well as that of the breeder Cristina Wilkins, who acted as translator

    Ignacio Bravo, rider, conformation judge and PRE breeder taught the courses which were attended by a hundred riders and breeders, with an average of thirty participants per clinic.

    Christchurch, New Zealand hosted the first event, which took place on the 6th and 7th of December, while on the 12th and 13th of December the Clinic was held in Queensland and the 14th and 15th in Melbourne—both the latter cities in Australia. They were a huge success and those attending were delighted with all the information provided by Ignacio Bravo.

    The clinics took place in two parts, one theoretical and the other practical.  The contents were adapted to the needs and requirements at each clinic, but basically all three covered aspects of the conformation and presentation in competitions: the selection, training, handling; and aspects of Dressage and general horsemanship.

    ANCCE is trying to deepen in the knowledge about PRE horses and to do this it will, during 2009, continue organizing clinics throughout Spain and the world.  The purpose of these is to educate breeders and owners about general interest topics in an effort to ensure that the PRE horse is suitably prepared for greater enjoyment.

  • Source — ANCCE — 19/01/2009