• 27/10/2023

    RENFE Offers a 5% Discount for SICAB 2023 Visitors

    RENFE Discount
    Visitors travelling to Sevilla for SICAB 2023 (November 28th to December 3rd) on RENFE trains are eligible for a 5% discount on national one-way and/or round-trip tickets that originate or terminate in the city of Sevilla.

    To enjoy this discount when purchasing your ticket, just go to: www.renfe.com

    1. Fill out the request form.  Once you send in the form, you may then download the “Discount Authorization” (Autorización de descuento).
    2. Select the desired train and any one of the available options, including Básico, Elige, Elige Confort or Prémium.
    3. Using the pull down price menu, select the rate for Conventions and Events (Congresos/Eventos).
    4. Introduce the authorization number (which you will have downloaded previously) into the corresponding box (Remember that the authorization number is not valid for the discount code box).  

    [WEB] Downloadable Discount Authorization Form

    Official Travel Agent
    BCD Meeting and Events is the agency in charge of handling all SICAB 2023 travel and accommodation arrangements. Should you need help organizing your visit, travel or hotel reservations, please email the official travel agent at eventos.sevilla@bcdme.es or phone them at +34 955 551 444.

  • Source — ANCCE — 27/10/2023