• 17/10/2023

    SICAB Has a Specific Area for Horses Entered for Exhibit and Sales

    SICAB 2023 will have a specific area for all horses entered for Exhibit and Sales. It is a privileged area with space for 15 stallions and 15 mares, located in a preferential zone in the mare’s tent and in the first triangle for stallions. When it comes to horses for Exhibit or Sales, the entry fee is €160 + 21% VAT.

    The requirements to enter horses in this specific area for Exhibit and Sales are as follows:
    - Be a Full-fledged Member of ANCCE.
    - Be the owner of that specific horse when the request is presented before the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE).
    - Only one entry is accepted per stud farm. Should there be available space in this zone, one (1) stallion and one (1) mare will be accepted per stud farm.  
    - As is the case for all exhibition horses, owners must have mandatory Liability Insurance (€10).
    - These horses must comply with the Specific Rules for SICAB 2023, especially in terms of the point “Horses for Exhibit”.

    The Deadline to present your entry form is Thursday, the 9th of November, at 6:59 pm. 

    Upon filling out the form provided below, which is specific for Exhibit and Sales, be sure to email it to ancce@ancce.com

    [WEB] Access to the form

    Horses for Exhibit and Sales will be housed in a specific area but not together will the rest of the horses entered in SICAB 2023.

    If and when the deadline has been reached, and the available spaces have not been occupied, the organizers reserve the right to take other measures. 

    Finally, please remember that to enter a horse, reserve a stand, receive stud farm documents, or participate in SICAB 2023 in any way, you must be in good standing with ANCCE

  • Source — ANCCE — 17/10/2023