• 11/07/2023

    Results for the ANCCE Communication & Information Satisfaction Service Survey

    ANCCE continually strives to improve its communication and information services. Thus, the results of the anonymous survey sent to breeders—both members and non-members of ANCCE—as well as professionals within the sector are now in. This survey has allowed us to test the amount and quality of the information shared from ANCCE on its various communication channels. 

    Herein are some of the most important data collected from a survey with more than 200 participants, both in Spain and abroad, including members and non-members of ANCCE:

    - General Result: the degree of breeder and professional satisfaction with the ANCCE communication strategy is high. On a scale of 1 (very low) and 5 (high), the average level of satisfaction was:
    Members: 4.35.
    Non-members: 4.25.

    - Among members, email and WhatsApp are the main tools used as an information channel. Social networks and the web are the preferred channels among non-members.

    It is noteworthy that social network users (non-members) offer the second best score, behind members: 4.31. This audience expresses their interest in accessing online training courses.

    97.3% confirmed their use of our official channels and recommend them to others in the sector.

    For our Communication Department, it is important that we are aware of these statistics, as it allows us to adjust and improve our global communication strategy. We greatly appreciate your participation, as well as the many suggestions for improvement received.  

    Roberto Corral
    President of the Promotion & Communication Committee

  • Source — ANCCE — 11/07/2023