• 20/02/2023

    Ehorses, Official Sponsor of the 2023 ANCCE Cup for Spanish High School

    Ehorses has become this season’s official sponsor of the ANCCE Ehorses Cup for Spanish High School.  Its name will be on all competitions included on the qualifier calendar for the Final at SICAB 2023.

    The online horse sales portal known as ehorses is once again committed to Purebred Spanish Horses, and more specifically to Spanish High School.  This discipline falls within the most traditional disciplines and enjoys ample participation at competitions and at SICAB. PRE horses have been the undisputed star of this discipline since the beginning of history.  Just take a quick look to see that this discipline is clearly a majority discipline at all competitions held in Spain.  Therefore, the international brand ehorses has decided to be firmly committed to this discipline and, its competition circuit, where PRE Horses are the protagonist.

    Throughout 2023, Ehorses will be present with its logo on all official PRE channels (ANCCE digital platforms), and more specifically, those linked to ANCCE Cup for Spanish High School, including the calendar, rules, results, etc. Moreover, at SICAB 2023, the brand will enjoy prominent presence on the various advertising formats and will be responsible for placing the Ehorses show sheet on the Champion of each level.

    In 2022, Ehorses, a specialized horse sales platform, had more than 98,000 advertisements on its website. For ehorses, continuing and deepening into cooperation with ANCCE is exceptionally important when it comes to reaching out to sellers in Spain by offering them with the possibility of presenting and marketing their PRE horses worldwide. “Spain is an important market for the equestrian sector and its importance increases daily.  With the help of ANCCE, and thanks to this agreement, we have an opportunity to latch onto the Spanish market,” as confirmed by Katja Möllerherm, head of Customer Service and ehorses Service. 

    ANCCE President, Jose Juan Morales, states: “we are extremely happy to count on ehorses. This international company continues to grow and is fully committed to Spain’s equestrian market and, more specifically, to PRE Horses. We are very satisfied with the agreement and are convinced that this collaboration will be fruitful and beneficial for our breeders.

    This sponsorship creates a "bridge" between ANCCE and the largest horse sales platform on the Internet, with Purebred Spanish Horses being the most visited and sold breed on this portal. Each PRE horse advertisement is checked and verified in advance by ehorses to certify that all information published coincides with data on LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book files. The UELN confirms the accuracy of the information provided thus guaranteeing the PRE horse purchase.

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  • Source — ANCCE — 20/02/2023