• 06/02/2023

    Advertise on the official ANCCE channels to place your brand or stud farm in the Purebred Spanish Horse sector

    There are various channels to adapt your advertising campaign strategy to have a direct influence on PRE consumers. 

    Thanks to this multimedia support, you have access to an ideal option to launch a publicity campaign targeting a specialized audience and consumer of PRE Horses.  This digital and multimedia edition, unique within the equestrian sector, is bilingual and is distributed to a database with more than 234,000 users in 67 countries, as well as internet coverage of more than 760,000 users. This magazine format allows you to design an innovative and powerful advertising campaign with extra contents such as images, videos, links, etc. 

    [WEB] Read El Caballo Español Magazine
    [PDF] El Caballo Español Magazine Advertising Dossier

    It is the official Purebred Spanish Horse web site.  In 2022, some 412,320 users from more than 143 countries visited it.  There are two banners that reach out to your target audience in a very direct and effective way (1,000,000 impressions).

    [WEB] ANCCE Web site
    [PDF] ANCCE Web site Advertising Dossier

    ANCCE has an official competition web site and App showing the results and live broadcasts, genealogies, participant rankings, etcetera at ANCCE Cup and Conformation Competitions. In 2022, it had more than 1,177,000 visits from well over 64,200 users. The banner had more than 4,000 impressions/daily; this certifies the fact that among Purebred Spanish Horse breeders, it has become a favorite!
    [WEB] Official Competition Web/App
    [PDF] Web/App Competition Advertising Dossier

    This TV platform broadcasts live from SICAB—the International PRE Trade Fair—and the World PRE Championship.  In 2022 433,774 users from 67 countries connected and were connected, on average, for more than 13 minutes.

    [WEB] Web SICAB.TV
    [PDF] SICAB TV Advertising Dossier

    For further information, email Inmaculada Rodriguez at prensa@ancce.com or call +34 954 689 260 (option 2).

  • Source — ANCCE — 06/02/2023