• 26/09/2008

    Possible fraud when exporting horses to Ivory Coast

    At ANCCE, we have recently received several queries from breeders about exporting a horse to the Ivory Coast, which could be a fraud.

    Various breeders have received mail from Mr. OUATTARA ISIAKA, J., GEROME SOUZA and other names, interested in purchasing a horse.  As breeders have reported, the method is the same in every case. Without ever having seen the horse, the writer accepts the price and the health conditions, without negotiating or checking them.

    As this negotiation advances, this gentleman e-mails a copy of an order for the transfer of the cost of the horse to an account whose details have been supplied by the breeder by e-mail. This e-mail states that the UEMOA (Eastern African Economic and Monetary Union) requires the beneficiary of the transfer to make a payment of € 1,280 to be able to free-up the money to their bank.

    Should this be a fraud, we are warning breeders so that they can take whatever measures they deem suitable.
  • Source — ANCCE — 26/09/2008