• 04/07/2022

    PREs Raise Spain’s Flag to the Top at the CHIO5* All Nations Cup in Aachen

    Daniel Martín Dockx in the saddle of Malagueño LXXXIII was brilliant in Kür Grand Prix

    Spain’s team has not enjoyed two PREs at the All Nations Cup in Aachen (Germany) since 2014. At the most recent appointment at the world’s Dressage capital, Malagueño LXXXIII and Quincallo de Indalo have proven that PRE Horses are competitive and stand strong on the highest rungs of the international Dressage competition ladder of success.

    Yesterday’s Freestyle concluded the program of the All Nations Cup CHIO5* held in Aachen. The event included the fifteen best and previously qualified pairs, including Daniel Martin Dockx with Malagueño LXXXIII, owned by Francisco Santiago Ruiz.

    Photo: Lily Forado. Malagueño LXXXIII and Quincallo de Indalo

    DAY 1
    The first round of the 2022 5-star International Dressage Championship All Nations Cup held in Aachen was the 30th of June. Each team (8 nations) battled to earn maximum honors at the world Dressage capital. For individuals, there were 35 participants, with two Purebred Spanish Horses on Spain’s national team: Malagueño LXXXIII owned by Yeguada Francisco Santiago Ruiz and Quincallo de Indalo from Yeguada Indalo.

    When it came to the Spanish representative, Alejandro Sánchez del Barco—a newcomer in the CDIO5*—was the first to take the center line of the Aachen arena. This pair completed a test with magnificent extended trot and changes of pace with maximum collection when performing passage and piaffes. The moment of truth came when they executed pirouettes while cantering, thanks to which the judges granted them with several 8s. This pair, which earned a bronze medal at the most recent Spanish National Championship, once again proved their excellence. Their international cover letter is outstanding, with a personal record of 71.935% (nineteenth place).

    Photo: Lily Forado. Quincallo de Indalo, ridden by Alejandro Sanchez del Barco.

    Then it was time for Jose Daniel Martin Dockx and Malagueño LXXXIII. They skillfully completed exercise after exercise with elegance. Owned by Francisco Santiago Ruiz, this horse did it again! Last year, the pair surprised everyone at Aachen, but this year’s edition saw them excel even more. The trot was very precise, but frenzy broke out when they performed the passage and piaffe. Those final strides showing maximum collection were absolutely perfect. This bay stallion offered a collected attitude, with a low croup, hindquarters under the mass, elevated front quarter and shoulders, facing the vertical and poll held at the high point. With a score that was much higher than the previous year, his 72.848% placed them fourteenth on the roster.

    DAY 2
    Alejandro Sanchez del Barco with Quincallo de Indalo returned to the arena to offer a beautiful extended trot together with an energetic and rhythmic passage. The scores improved to just under 74/75%, but during a second pirouette at canter, the horse slightly lost its balance, which the rider quickly corrected, but the judges punished them harshly with a 3.8. Consequently, the score fell to 71% as it was a double coefficient exercise. With 71.574%, Alejandro concluded his German participation with a well-deserved seventeenth place.

    Dockx offered an excellent riding lesson while an unadulterated Malagueño LXXXIII proudly performed exercises with maximum collection. During one of the extended trots, the horse skipped a pace, but the rider’s experience upon correcting him was sublime. He held the reins of his horse with every pace and that explosion was handled perfectly to transform it into elegant and fluid strides. The pair surpassed last year’s score; the 72.830% placed them twelfth and therefore one of the best qualified and finalist for the Kür on Sunday.

    Photo: Lily Forado. Malagueño LXXXIII, ridden by Daniel Martin Dockx.

    DAY 3
    The ten o’clock chimes summonsed the key event for Dressage in Aachen: Kür Freestyle. This category is reserved for the fifteen best pairs. There was a single Spaniard, who inaugurated the arena; Jose Daniel Martin Dockx in the saddle of a horse owned by Francisco Santiago Ruiz was superb. Some 6300 Dressage enthusiasts were on hand at the stadium to enjoy the song Entre Dos Aguas by guitarist Paco de Lucia, as the pair entered the arena at walk, to then continue with a double pirouette. Subsequently, horse and rider performed exercises with various highly difficult transitions that were completed with ease.

    The connection between horse and rider was evident, with the piaffe sparking passion in the audience. As the pair moved along the center line, the clapping accompanied their dancing as Dockx was unable to contain his smile. After the final salute, the rider from Malaga raised his fist and embraced his beloved partner Malagueño LXXXIII. The pair fell shy of 80%, more exactly, 79.235%. Once again, Dockx has placed PRE Horses in the spotlight.

    Photo: Lily Forado. Malagueño LXXXIII, with Daniel Martin Dockx holding the reins.

  • Source — Lily Forado — 04/07/2022
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