• 16/05/2022

    CDI3* Las Cadenas: The Protagonism of Purebred Spanish Horses

    This summer, the International Dressage calendar has a number of major inter-continental events, including the World Championships in Herning (Denmark), the European Championships for Juniors and the World Championships for Young Riders. In Spain, the epicenter of International Dressage was CDI3* Las Cadenas from May 13th to 15th. A large number of riders in the saddles of Purebred Spanish Horses competed at that venue to attain their averages.

    Malagueño LXXXIII

    When it comes to the absolute level, the premier class was the Grand Prix, which had 28 participants, including important national stars. Jose Daniel Martin Dockx in the saddle of Malagueño LXXXIII, owned by Francisco Santiago Ruiz, was the true protagonist. This rider from Fuengirola (Malaga) was victorious in Grand Prix with a score of 71.478%. Second place was for another Purebred Spanish Horse, Quincallo de Indalo, from Yeguada de Indalo, ridden by Alejandro Sánchez del Barco, whose score was 70.782%. Alejandro Cadenas in the saddle of Ureo VII, bred by Francisco Santiago Ruiz and owned by Jose Luis Montosa, placed among the top ten, with a solid eighth place and a total of 69.022%.

    Quincallo de Indalo

    Enjoyment did not stop there! In the Grand Prix Special, Dockx and Malagueño LXXXIII, repeated their victory and added another score to their personal mark: 74.617%. Quincallo de Indalo followed along these same lines by repeating the feat to hold second place and obtain a record score of 72.915%. Isidro Maldonado in the saddle of Pomelo Cen from Yeguada Centurion placed among the top five with a score of 69.553%. Alejandro Cadenas with Ureo VII followed suit with 68.808%. The horse representing Spain at the 2016 World Dressage Championship—Duncan IV, bred by Villanueva Dacasa and owned by Yeguada Magin Mateu, ridden by Magin Mateu was among the top ten with a final score of 66.787%.

    Pomelo Cen

    Upon concluding with the adults horses, we continue with the young horses and those Purebred Spanish Horses with several 80%. In the most novel category at the international level was five year old Charro Azores from Yeguada de Azores and ridden by Juan de Dios Ramirez in eighth place with 77.00%, but this pair made a comeback to move up four places and earn a final score of 80.800%. LC Quemazón from Yeguada Los Castañones, with Alfonso Gormaz in the saddle, managed to surpass the 75% barrier on the second day and conclude with 77.400%.

    Charro Azores

    Among the 6-year-olds, Pampero FS and Granuja Entrellanos exchanged positions. In the Preliminary, Granuja Entrellanos from Yeguada Santa Isabel ESP, bred by Yeguada Entrellanos and ridden by Marcos Marquez, emerged victorious with a score of 84.000%; he was followed by Pampero FS, owned by Yeguada Arroyomonte, with 81.600%. Corinto Azores, owned and bred by Yeguada Azores held fifth place with 77.800%, while Zeo de Jocha from Yeguada Pena earned 76.600%.

    Pampero FS

    Granuja Entrellanos

    In the final, a horse from a stud farm in Avila, Pampero FS, with Alberto Garcia-Briñon holding the reins, was the all-out winner with a score of 83.400%. Granuja Entrellanos followed with 81.400%. Sixth place was for Bilbaino de Centurion from Yeguada Centurion and Corinto Azores with 76.200%. They were followed in 9th place by Nevisco de Valdesol from Yeguada Valdesol and ridden by Pedro Hernandez Triviño with a score of 75.200%.

    Corinto Azores

    Zeo de Jocha

    Finally, and equally important was the category for 7-year-olds. In the preliminary, Trapalo de Indalo from Yeguada Indalo and ridden by Alejandro Sanchez del Barco, placed second with 73.682%. In the Final, this horse did not compete, but Quien Nadales II, owned by Jose Luis Montosa, bred by Yeguada Nadales and ridden by Alejandro Cadenas, landed third place with 73.986%. Bribon Obaton, owned by Yeguada Santa Isabel ESP, bred by Obaton, and ridden by Marcos Marquez Reyes followed suit with 70.000%.

    Trápalo de Indalo

    When it came to Juniors, the U14 category was more than exciting for everyone! In the Preliminary B, Yaiza Salmon riding Rui Matxitxaco, owned by Santiago Mazo Portugal and bred by Jose Antonio Ruidiaz Rubio, earned the silver with 73.875%. European finalist Jeannette Vallve holding the reins of Zanon, bred by Pedro Marques Taltavull and owned by Ganaderia Antonio Melia, came out on top in the test for both teams and individuals thanks to two new personal victories: 77.800% and 77.222%.

    Rui Matxitxaco


    The level offered by U18 must be mentioned, especially the role of Resuelto AS, bred by Antonio San Roman Moran and owned by Guillen Callejas, was most outstanding. Spain’s current National Champion (2021) had no rivals and galloped in his own league with triple golds and averages of 70.050%, 69.608% and 74.335% in the test for team, individuals and Kür, respectively.

    Resuelto AS

    Level after level, Purebred Spanish Horses played a very important role. In general, the line that best summarizes their international participation is: “Whether adults or juniors, the protagonism was for PRE horses.”

  • Source — Lily Forado — 16/05/2022
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