• 14/02/2022

    2022 Conformation-Functionality Competition Rules & Regulations Published

    Upon being approved by the ANCCE Executive Committee and then ratified by the Board of Directors, the most recent version of the Conformation-Functionality Rules and Regulations has been uploaded onto the ANCCE web site. These Rules have been divided into two differentiated publications: Conformation Competition Rules and the Judging Rules.

    These new Rules will govern the 2022 season, which begins with the Equus CRPRE Competition in Santa Ana (Costa Rica) from the 3rd to the 6th of March.

    In terms of the Competition Rules & Regulations, the most outstanding aspects include:
    - Extend the deadline to present Conformation Competition request until the 15th of January of the current year (Article 6).
    - Competition category criteria that reduces the number of horses (Article 10).
    - Increase 2-star Competitions: the impossibility of participating in the SICAB Final for those horses that are entered into two (2) competitions cease to attend once the judges have been announced (Article 15).
    - Incorporation of the “retired” status (Article 52).
    - Mandatory participation in the arena of 5-mare cobras to earn the single point towards the Best Breeder Award at SICAB (Article 60).

    - Each horse may participate at as many competitions as deemed appropriate, but only its two best results will be taken into consideration.
    - Total points = classification points + Award points earned (both multiplied by the competition category coefficient).
    - Points Table (see tables).
    - 25 horses qualify per section for SICAB.
    - If there is a tie in the 25th place, all horses qualify.
    - 3-mare cobras (Section 13) and 5-mare cobras (Section 14) do not enter into the qualification system. In the case of 3-mare cobras (Section 13), these must participate in at least one (1) competition to then be able to participate at SICAB.
    - A horse that has not qualified may be entered for SICAB, to complete the Best Breeder, if and when it has participated in at least one (1) competition.
    - In the case of those stud farms with several horses that have qualified in the same section, only two (2) horses per section may participate at the SICAB Final. These horses shall be chosen by the stud farm owner.

    Shifting of Ranks
    Should a qualified horse fail to formalize its entry for the World Championship on time as established by the rules, it shall lose its classification as a horse qualified for said event and the ranks shall shift accordingly.

    [PDF] 2022 Conformation Competition Rules & Regulations

    [PDF] 2022 Conformation Judging Rules & Regulations

  • Source — ANCCE — 14/02/2022
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