• 07/02/2022

    The Wisdom of Sabine Schut-Kery and the Elegance of the PRE during USPRE WEEK 2022

    USPRE has played an important role in the United States in the promotion and enhancement of the PRE horse over the last 11 years. January’s last week is the one to reserve on the calendar. All the PRE lovers gather around to enjoy the different exhibitions and performances in Wellington, Florida.

    Jane Bistline, Sabine Schut-Kery and Janne Rumbough. Photo: Lily Forado.

    The P.R.E, with its long, flowing mane and tail, round forms, and beautiful movement, once again took the spotlight at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival during Week 3 (January 28). The PRE commands attention and attracts everyone’s attention.

    Carmen Franco and Barquero AS III. Photo: Lilly Forado.

    As part of the masterclass organized by USPRE Association and held at the AGDF Stadium during the break of the Freestyles Under the Lights, Olympic medalist Sabine Schut-Kery shared with the audience some of the fundamentals she uses during her training. Schut-Kery stressed the importance of the horses covering more ground and staying on the riders’ legs. Her exercises assisted the two riders in positioning their horses correctly for the movements, as well as making the horses more responsive and attentive. The precise and detailed explanations she gave to Carmen Franco in the trot exercises and in the canter work on Sophia Shults were important. She challenged the riders to perform at their best.

    Sophia Schults and Conocido HGF. Photo: Lily Forado.

    Barquero AS III, bred by Yeguada San Roman and owned by Lövsta Stuteri, is a 11-year-old stunning black gelding presented by Carmen Franco. While Sophia Schults presented her own 10-year-old Conocido HGF, bred by Hampton Green Farm.

    “Participating in the Masterclass with Sabine was incredibly inspiring. She has tremendous amounts of knowledge and wisdom to share and combine with the electric atmosphere under the Friday night lights made the evening one to remember forever”. – Sophia Schults

    Kerrigan Gluch and Justine Boyer. Photo: Lily Forado.

    “It´s been a dream of mine to be an active participant in the USPRE week (since I have been always on the sidelines or backstage) and what an opportunity this was! Riding a gorgeous PRE like Barquero AS III in the middle of Freestyles night in the International Arena at Global, with no other than Olympic Medalist Sabine Schut-Kery was way beyond my dreams. Very grateful to USPRE for the opportunity, to Sabine for her kindness and clear instruction, to the owners of Barquero, and to all my friends and family that helped and supported me.”Carmen Franco

    Friday night’s PRE entertainment was not over. Immediately before the awards ceremony, HGF riders Kerrigan Gluch and Justine Boyer with PRE breds Ebanisto KR and Campanero HGF respectively entertained the audience with a magical performance of Pas de Deux. Their dance was pure perfection.

    As usual, USPRE continues to sponsor the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. Janne Rumbough class sponsor from U.S. P.R.E. Association said: “It’s been amazing how the PRE horses have developed in this country because U.S. PRE Association promoted them. We have programs all over the country”.

    Jane Bistline, the Association’s new President, added: “If you look at the national and international shows in the U.S., about 10% of the horses are P.R.E. horses, and it used to be almost none. We’re here for all of the Iberian horses. We’re really excited and grateful to be sponsoring”.

    Spanish rider Paula Matute riding Delagronge took home two blue ribbons. Her golden scores of 69.282 and 74.480% granted her first two International Victories in the FEI Grand Prix and FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI4* respectively.

    Kerrigan Gluch and Mejorano HGF. Photo: Lily Forado.

    A total of 9 riders competed with their PRE horses on the national side. Amina Sade with C Discreto won the High Score in the national Prix St. George with 68.676%. Kerrigan Gluch with Mejorano HGF reached a personal best of 69.217 at the FEI Grand Prix CDI3* (International Highest point Award). USPRE encourages PRE riders of all levels to train and compete in rated dressage shows

    Amina Sade and Discreto C. Photo: Lily Forado.

    USPRE PARTY will make a comeback next year. USPRE week will return stronger than ever in 2023. USPRE thanks all its members for their unconditional support, especially during these unpreceded times.

  • Source — USPRE — 07/02/2022