• 15/10/2021

    The SICAB 2021 Box Office Opens Today!

    Don’t miss the most important equestrian event in Spain! Purchas your tickets for SICAB 2021 at sicabentradas.com

    Tickets for the equestrian show will be on sale as of November 2nd. This year, the show includes Santi Serra and Clement Ferron among others.

    To celebrate its 30th anniversary, SICAB recuperates the glory of previous editions; last year, it was for professionals only and there were limited invitations. Thus, the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association (ANCCE)—organizer of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair (SICAB)—opens the box office on Monday, the 18th of October so that you may purchase your tickets in advance for SICAB 2021 and the World PRE Championships.

    Remember the dates: from the 16th to the 21st of November at the Fair Ground known as Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones (Fibes) in Sevilla, Spain.

    As a precautionary measure, only tickets to access the SICAB grounds and facilities will be on sale. Tickets for the Show will be on sale as of Tuesday, the 2nd of November.

    Purchase your tickets in advance! It is easy, fast and you need not wait in line once you reach the venue. The web-based platform is intuitive and accessible from any device thanks to a secure sales system.

    Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was held with limited capacity. Many of the traditional SICAB events on the annual equestrian calendar were cancelled. This year, as we celebrate our 30th edition, we have recuperated the glory of previous editions with an ample range of sports, social and economic activities.

    The International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair (SICAB 2021)—the greatest Purebred Spanish Horse showcase in the world—will host the 7th World PRE Championships, as well as the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Spanish High School, Show Jumping, Carriage Driving, Side Saddle, Working Equitation, among other disciplines. Likewise, there will be a daily equestrian show with the best national and international performers. These include Santi Serra and Clement Ferron from France, among other. With more than 300 stands, there is a large commercial and recreational area waiting to be enjoyed.

    Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your ticket at sicabentradas.com.
  • Source — ANCCE — 15/10/2021
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