• 14/10/2021

    Nine PREs obtain the consideration as Excellent, 13 as Very Good and 15 as Good

    48 Purebred Spanish Horses participated in the 17th Young Horse Selection Tests for Dressage Final

    The equestrian center known Centro Ecuestre CECYL in the city of Segovia hosted the Young Horse Selection Test Final on the 12th and 13th of October. This Ministry of Agriculture Dressage event coordinated by ANCCE was broadcast live for the first time on the Clipmyhorse TV platform.

    All in all, 48 PRE Horses competed in the various levels for 4, 5, 6 and 7-year-olds at the Grand Final. Nine of these horses earned the category of Excellent for Dressage.

    Consult Excellent, Very Good and Good horses by clicking on the link below:
    [WEB] Genetic Categories earned

    In the 4-year-old category, the PRE Horses considered Excellent were: LClunon de Trujillo from Yeguada Trujillo, bred by Yeguada Los Castañones and ridden by Teia Hernandez; they earned the highest average at this level (76.400%) together with the filly Exclusiva Los Arcos, owned by Yeguada Montehispano, bred by Centro Los Arcos, and ridden by Veronica Graebedunkel (76.300%) and Fandango Biniarroga from Biniarroga Vell SRM and ridden by Francisco Marques (76.000%). Fourth and fifth place were for Diablo PA owned by Jose Anton Lopez and ridden by M.ª Valvanera Palacios (75.700) and Jordano de Trujillo from Yeguada Trujillo and ridden by Teia Hernandez (75.500).

    LCLunon de Trujillo. Photo by Lily Forado

    At the level for 5-year-olds, two PRE Horses earned the consideration as Excellent: Pampero FS from Yeguada Arroyomonte and ridden by Daniel Pérez; this pair earned the highest score in the Final (78.700) followed by Corsaria CAD from Mendoza “Cadema,” ridden by Maria Gomez (76.200).

    Pampero FS. Photo by Lily Forado

    Another two PRE Horses earned this same title in the category for 6-year-olds: Inspirado Bio III from Yeguada Bionest and ridden by Manuel Estrada (77.700) together with Triunfador PJ, owned and ridden by Miky Borras and bred by Pedro Juanico (75.600).

    Inspirado Bio III. Photo by Lily Forado

    The consideration of Very Good for five PRE Dressage horses was granted to 4-year-olds, four among 5-year-olds, three among 6-year and one among 7-year-olds. Among 4-year-olds, Very Good was earned by: Zedimir PJ, owned by Jose Manuel Jimenez Cao, bred by Emilio Perona Jiménez and ridden by Alberto Poveda (74.600); Ultimado BAT owned by Yeguada Batan, bred by Yeguada Nadales and ridden by Gema Nadales (74.100); Letrado JL II owned and Javier Larrosa Abellan and ridden by Javier Larrosa Garcia (73.400); Quimico FS owned by Yeguada Arroyomonte and ridden by Daniel Perez (72.100) and Capitan CAD from Mendoza “Cadema” and ridden by Raul Arcos (72.000).

    Among the 5-year-olds, winning PRE Horses were: Poniente FS from Yeguada Arroyomonte and ridden by Daniel Perez (74.000); Capataz Obaton from Yeguada Santa Isabel ESP, bred by Obaton and ridden by Marcos Marques (73.800); Bastis de Trujillo from Yeguada Trujillo, bred by Zaforteza and ridden by Jordi Cabre (73.700) and Latino JAV II owned by Jose Antonio Varona de la Cuadra and ridden by Pepe Marques (73.500). Among the 6-year-olds recognized in this category were three horses, including Ingrato JLE V from Elite PRE Mario Gomez, bred by Jose Luis de la Escalera and ridden by Mario Gomez (74.800); Gladiador LV owned by Jose Maria Aristrain de la Cruz and ridden by Fidel Diaz (72.600) and Seni Usio III from Yeguada Moran, bred by Senillosa and ridden by Juan Perez (72.300). Among the 7-year-olds, Torero de Centurion from Yeguada Veiga Da Luaira, bred by Yeguada Centurion and ridden by Adin Rodríguez went home with this recognition (72.968).

    Lastly, six PRE Horses were recognized as Good in the category for 4-year-olds, seven in 5-year-olds, one in 6-year-olds and one in 7-year-olds. Among the 4-year-olds were: Imperioso CLXXI owned by Jose Maria Aristrain de la Cruz, ridden by David Garcia (71.400); Oliva CAD from Mendoza “Cadema” and ridden by Raul Arcos (70.600); Verso SU owned by Pedro Peguero, bred by Yeguada Susaeta and ridden by Manuel Garcia (70.400); Milhoja from Hnos. de Frutos Izquierdo and ridden by Alvaro Espadero (70.350); Gracioso XCVI from Yeguada La Cartuja “Hierro del Bocado” ridden by Ignacio Bonmati (70.100) and Armas Nodriza owned by Florencio Moreno Muñoz, bred by Hnos. Vivo Rodriguez and ridden by Jose Mª Garrido (69.900).

    Among the 5-year-olds Brandy YET from Yeguada Torrehermosa and ridden by Jose Antonio Crespin (71.800) was considered Good, together with C Flamenco from Yeguada Castelnovo and ridden by Luis Javier Cañada (71.000); Andaluz CLVIII from Yeguada La Cartuja “Hierro del Bocado” and ridden by Samuel Lopez (70.700); Ole CAD from Mendoza “Cadema” and ridden by Raul Arcos (70.300); Granuja Entrellanos owned by Yeguada Santa Isabel ESP, bred by Yeguada Entrellanos and ridden by Marcos Marquez (70.300); Rompedor Badia owned by Yeguada Los Olivares, bred by Huerto Gaena (Badia Hermanos) and ridden by Jesus Resino (69.600); and Faraon de Laguna owned by the Cine Team Dressage, bred by Yeguada Laguna and ridden by Juan Jose Navarro (69.300).

    Among the 6-year-olds, there was a single PRE in this category, which was Lebiton HR owned by Ecuayud, bred by Hnos. Romanos and ridden by Alfonso Gormaz (71.300). Altanero CCIII from la Yeguada La Cartuja “Hierro del Bocado” and ridden by Samuel Lopez (70.223) was the only horse among the 7-year-olds considered Good.

    This concludes the Dressage Performance Controls for 2021. All horses participating in these tests are genetically assessed and may seek the category of Young Recommended Breeding Stock. The names of the horses considered breeding stock are published in the Breeding Stock Catalog and in the PRE Stud Book for outreach within the scope of the PRE Breeding Program.

    See the results for the 2021 ANCCE Young Horse Selection Tests are visible at the link below:
    [WEB] Final Results for the 2021 ANCCE Young Horse Selection Tests

  • Source — ANCCE — 14/10/2021
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