• 27/09/2021

    Newsletter 1 | SICAB 2021: Breeder and Sports-related Aspects

    Important information regarding the World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship and the various ANCCE Cups

    SICAB 2021, the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair is just around the corner. The event is from the 16th to the 21st of November. Herein is important information about the various competitions to be held at the venue.

    First of all, we are pleased to announce that this is SICAB’s 30th edition. As has been the case at previous editions, the various ANCCE Cups are held simultaneously with the World PRE Horse Championship.

    This newsletter provides all the essential information for the various disciplines. It also indicates the entry fees and award money.

    The following competitions shall be held within the scope of SICAB 2021:
    - World Conformation Championship for PRE Stallions and Mares
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Doma Vaquera
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Spanish High School
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Working Equitation
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Show Jumping
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Carriage Driving
    - ANCCE Cup Final for Side Saddle
    - Exhibition Competition
    - Traditional Carriage Driving Competition

    Entries may be presented as of October 1st.

    Conformation and exposition:
    Deadline for entries: November 2nd (until 1:59 pm).
    Past deadline entries: November 3 and 4, 2021 (until 6:59 pm).
    Past deadline entries shall be accepted, if and when space is available.

    ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage:
    Deadline for entries: November 2nd (until 1:59 pm)
    Shifted placements: November 3rd and 4th (until 6:59 pm)
    Once the entry deadline has been reached, shifted placements shall be applied on the ranking for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, thus completing the various levels, and not based on the timetable, availability of arenas, etc. Horses that have qualified previously in their levels and that fail to enter on time (November 2nd) shall lose their place.

    Other ANCCE Cup Disciplines:
    Deadline for entries: November 4th (until 6:59 pm)

    2. ENTRY FEES:
    Full-fledged Members, each of the first three (3) horses: €125
    Full-fledged Members, fourth or more horses entered: €110/each
    Associate Members: €180
    Non-members: €300
    Past deadline: €400

    Full-fledged Members: €150
    Associate Members: €200
    Non-members: €400
    Past deadline: €400

    ANCCE Cup for Dressage – Dressage Juniors:
    Full-fledged Members: €120
    All other Participants: €150

    ANCCE Cup for Carriage Driving:
    Full-fledged Members: 4-in-hand: €250, Pairs: €200, Singles: €150
    Non-members: 4-in-hand: €300, Pairs: €250, Singles: €200

    ANCCE Cup for Doma Vaquera, Spanish High School, Working Equitation, Show Jumping and Side Saddle:
    Full-fledged Members: 120€
    All other Participants: 150€

    Exhibition Competition:
    First two horses: €120/each
    As of the third horse: €110

    Remember that 21% VAT shall be added to all fees.

    -- Conformation Entry: It is MANDATORY that you send in your entry form using the SICAB 2021 online entry system; do so by going to the Private Zone on the PRE Stud Book web site www.lgancce.com. This platform also allows credit card payments.

    Other payment options: bank transfer, in cash or credit card at the main ANCCE office. When using this latter option, you need to provide the card number and expiration date.

    -- Entry for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage and all other disciplines: Present your entry using the SICAB 2021 online entry system by accessing the Private Zone on the PRE Stud Book web site www.lgancce.com or by downloading the form. Remember that there are a maximum number of participants per test, except in the case of Dressage. In this case, all qualified horses may participate, as indicated in the 2021 ANCCE Cup Rules & Regulations.

    [PDF] ANCCE Cup Entry Form

    Entries are considered confirmed once the entry fee has been paid in full. Once an entry has been paid for, and once the final deadline has been reached, under no circumstances shall that amount be refunded.

    This year, all mares participating in SICAB 2021 shall be housed in stalls.

    Should you be interested in reserving a tack room stall, the fee is €200 for Full-fledged Members and €300 for all other participants. Tack room stalls are subject to availability. Under no circumstance are the organizers responsible for theft.

    As has been the case at previous editions, there are also construction sheds that may be used at tack rooms. There a limited number of sheds, so you are encouraged to reserve one well in advance. (Once again, the organizers are not responsible for theft.)

    Tack Room Construction Shed:
    Full-fledged Members: €400
    All other Participants: €500

    As was the case at previous editions, and given the damage to sheds at previous editions, a €150 security deposit is charged, which is not included in the contracting fee. This amount shall be returned once the keys are returned and the shed is in the same condition as when it was initially turned over. Nevertheless, should damages exceed the €150 deposit, these shall be invoiced by the firm providing the service.

    Remember that 21% VAT shall be added to all fees indicated, whether entry forms or the reservation of stalls or shed.

    Reception of Horses:
    Sunday, the 14th of November and Monday, the 15th of November (9:30 am to 8:00 pm)
    - Conformation and Exposition
    - Dressage (4, 5, 6 and 7-year-olds)
    - Show Jumping
    - Side Saddle
    Thursday, the 18th of November (9:30 am to 1:00 pm)
    - Dressage (Prix St. Georges, Grand Prix and Juniors)
    - Working Equitation
    - Doma Vaquera
    - Spanish High School
    - Carriage Driving
    - Exhibition Competition

    Under no circumstance are horses allowed onto the Fair Grounds outside of these days and times.

    Documentation to be presented:
    Original and photocopy of the PRE Passport and Official Veterinarian Certificate indicating disinfection in origin, as well as compliance with all other 2021 Health and Welfare Conditions.

    Exit of Horses:
    Sunday, the 21st of November as of 7 pm, except in those cases with specific authorization from the SICAB Organizing Committee, but always with the approval of the official competition veterinarian. All horses must leave SICAB 2021 grounds before Monday, the 22nd of November at 2 pm. As of that moment, the Organizing Committee is no longer responsible for the safety and security of any remaining horses.

    ANCCE Cup for Dressage:
    4-year-olds: Preliminary and Final for 4-year-olds
    5-year-olds: Preliminary and Final for 5-year-olds
    6-year-olds: Preliminary and Final for 6-year-olds
    7-year-olds: Preliminary and Final for 7-year-olds
    Prix St. Georges: St. Georges & Kür Intermediate I
    Grand Prix: Grand Prix & Kür Grand Prix

    The Awards for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage in the categories for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year olds, Prix St. Georges and Grand Prix are as listed below:

    ANCCE Cup for Dressage-Juniors:
    U12 (Alevin): Teams & individuals
    U14 (Infantil): Teams & individuals
    U18 (Juveniles 0*): Teams & individuals
    U18 (Juveniles 1*): Teams & individuals
    U21 (Young Riders): Teams & individuals

    Competitions with junior riders have no economic award.

    ANCCE Cup for Doma Vaquera:
    Novice Horses: horses that are 4 and 5 years of age. Exercise sheet 1 for Novice Horses.
    Intermediate Level: Horses that are at least 6 years of age. Exercise sheet 1A for Intermediate Horses.
    Experienced Horses: Horses that are at least 6 years of age. Exercise sheet 2 for Experienced Horses.

    The Awards are:

    ANCCE Cup for Spanish High School:
    Day 1
    Young Horses Technique
    Intermediate Technique
    Advanced Technique
    Superior Technique
    Long Reins I

    Day 2
    Kür (Freestyle) Young Horses
    Kür (Freestyle) Intermediate Level
    Kür (Freestyle) Advanced Level
    Kür (Freestyle) Superior Level
    Long Reins II

    The classification is obtained from the average for both days. In the case of tied averages, the contestant with the highest average on Day 2 shall be considered the winner. Should the tie persist, both shall be considered winners.

    Should the case arise that there are fewer than three (3) participants entered, no economic award for that category is granted. In any case, to earn an award, contestants must have an average above 60% on both days.

    The Awards are:

    ANCCE Cup for Working Equitation:

    Day 1: Dressage
    Day 2: Ease of Handing & Speed

    The Champion of each category of the ANCCE Cup for Working Equitation shall be the horse with the highest number of point upon tallying the totals for each test. When presenting the entry form, priority shall be given to those horses that qualified previously for the ANCCE Cup for Working Equitation.

    The Awards are:

    ANCCE Cup for Show Jumping:
    There are two (2) test categories.
    Juniors: U12 and U14. Participation in this test is for riders of various categories as indicated (U12 and U14) but their participation has no economic award and they appear in the first places of the starting order.

    Open or Main Test: any rider may participate, including junior.

    In the case of the daily tests, these are judged using the A scale with a chronometer. For the final classification, all points from the two tests are tallied. In the case of tied points once both days have been tallied for the five top places of the Open category or the top three of the Junior categories, there is a timed play-off on the second day.

    The OPEN Test Awards are:

    Juniors participating in the OPEN Test are not eligible for monetary awards.

    Awards shall be granted at the Victory Ceremony upon conclusion on the second day, with the horses in the competition arena. In the case of the OPENTest, the top three (3) winners and the top three (3) in the category for Juniors together with all of the junior participants shall be at the ceremony in the arena.

    Horses participating in the Obstacle Jumps must leave the SICAB grounds on Wednesday, the 17th of November after the competition has concluded.

    ANCCE Cup for Carriage Driving:
    For the Combined Carriage Driving Competition, contestants may enter as Singles, Pairs and 4-in-hand.
    The preliminary program shall be available in due course.

    The Awards are:

    Traditional Carriage Driving:
    Entry for this category is free of charge, as stalls are not used. As was the case at previous editions, the reception of and carriages for these horses is the truck/trailer parking lot, right behind Pavilion 3Once the event concludes, participants shall leave the grounds.

    All participants must have their valid Federation License or have Liability Insurance. A copy of the policy must be sent to ANCCE in advance.

    To enter this category, you must specify it in the space for observations: TRADICION (Traditional Carriage Driving).

    Exhibition Competition:
    Exhibition presentations are open and may cover any sport or artistic category. The duration must not surpass six (6) minutes. A brief explanation of the performances shall be provided, as well as the music to be used.

    All participants must have their valid Federation License or have Liability Insurance. A copy of the policy must be sent to ANCCE in advance.

    The Awards are:

    ANCCE Cup for Side Saddle:
    Side Saddle riders may use any one of the following styles: Vaquera, Spanish High School or Dressage. There are two levels in each category. The classification is based on levels. Participation is open to any age group, whether the horse or the rider.

    This test shall be held and Awards granted if and when there are at least three (3) side saddle riders entered in a given category.

    All horses and their riders shall have a valid regional Federation License.

    Side Saddle Dressage
    Level: Promotion 1
    Level: Promotion 3
    Mouthpiece: Snaffle or Snaffle and Curb bit

    Side Saddle Spanish High School
    Level: Kür Young Horses
    Level: Kür Intermediate
    Mouthpiece: Snaffle or Snaffle and Curb bit, vaquero and blued Portuguese bit

    Side Saddle Vaquera
    Level: U12 (Alevin)
    Level: U14 (Infantil)
    Mouthpiece: Classic Vaquero bit

    The Awards are:

    For there to be an economic award, there must be at least three (3) participants in each level.

    All breeders participating in SICAB 2021 with horses entered in the Conformation Competition and Exhibition have a right to two (2) invitations to access the grounds for each horse entered.

    Breeders that enter horses for the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Spanish High School, Working Equitation, Show Jumping, Side Saddle, Carriage Driving and the Exhibition Competition shall receive two (2) invitations per horse entered, if an when that same horse is not entered for the Conformation Competition.

    Please be informed that at this year’s edition, we are unable to attend requests to be “next to” as each triangle and all stalls are dedicated to a specific discipline.

    As is customary, participating owners may purchase hard feed, oats, hay, alfalfa, straw and shavings. The initial bedding is provided free of charge.

    For all disciplines, the organizers understand that the economic awards are gross earnings; therefore, these are subject to the corresponding internal revenue tax retentions or deductions.

    Federation License
    All participants, whatever the discipline, both horse and rider must have at least a valid regional Federation License.

    Life Insurance
    Remember that as has been the case in recent years, the organization does not have life insurance for horses.

    Liability Insurance
    All horses participating in the Conformation Competition and the Exposition of horses shall pay ten euros (€10) for liability insurance. This amount is generated automatically when presenting the entry form on the PRE Stud Book web site. Later, the insurance company generates the policy for each horse entered on these two categories.

    Emergency Veterinarian Services
    In the case of emergency equine care, any costs derived from travel and assistance by the veterinarian clinic contracted by the organizers shall be paid for by the owner of said horse.

    Lastly,remember that to enter a horse, reserve a stand, breeder VIP box, receive breeder documentation or participate in any way in SICAB 2021, you must be in good standing with ANCCE. 

    Jaime Molina Fernández de los Ríos
    Director General

  • Source — ANCCE — 27/09/2021
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