• 07/09/2021

    Javier Guillen and his PRE Resuelto AS, U18 Champions of Spain

    Marcos Legarre & Acer V, silver in U12. Carmen F. Prado & Nano III, bronze in U14

    A major equestrian event concluded yesterday: Dressage for Juniors. For a second consecutive year, Las Cadenas (Equestrian Center) in Madrid opened its gates on September 1st to welcome Spain’s National Junior Dressage Championship. It was an intense, five day Championship where the best riders in Spain fought for the national title. Many of the participants rode Purebred Spanish Horses to become the leaders of the event.

    Among the various participating PRE Horses, three were most outstanding; these horses offered an impressive performance, thus earning them gold, silver and bronze at the various levels. The undisputable protagonist of the Championship was Juvenile (U18) rider Javier Guillen and his PRE Resuelto AS, owned by Guillen Callejas and bred by Antonio San Roman Moran. This pair returned home as National Champion of Spain. They entered the arena three times; on two occasions, their score was above 70%. Thanks to this result, they held the highest step on the podium. For the first qualifier (U18 Teams) the pair earned an average of 70.182%;) their score was 69.000% for the second (U18 Individual and the third—U18 Kür—they had a final accumulated score of 73.395%. Recently, this horse participated in the European Championships to obtain the very best results for the Spanish delegation. Remember that just last year, this horse was the Reserve Champion of Spain. Undoubtedly, the pair has a promising future both in the short and long-term.

    Resuelto AS. Photo by Lily Forado

    The second PRE and Silver in U12 was Acer V, ridden by Marcos Legarre, owned by L de Z and bred by Hermanos Camacho Benítez. This pair was spot-on every time they entered the arena to earn averages above 70%. For the first qualifier (U12 Teams), they earned 71.258%; their second performance netted a score of 71.645%, while the accumulative score in the final was 70.206%.

    Acer V. Photo by Lily Forado

    The pair with Carmen F. Prado and Nano III, a PRE Horse owned by CDE Montuenga and bred by Las Cadenas, earned bronze in U14. This level was full of Purebred Spanish Horses. From the very beginning, this young rider held third place on the podium thanks to averages above 70%. Horse and rider earned 72.383% for their initial performance (U14 Teams 1). Their second time in the arena (U14 Teams 2) earned them a score of 73.458%, and in the final (U14 Individual), the accumulated score was 71.548%. This pair earned one of the most precious metals for a second consecutive year, as they were medal winners in the 2020 U12 category.

    Nano III. Photo by Lily Forado

    In conclusion, the participation of Purebred Spanish Horses in this National Junior Dressage Championship is noteworthy. Forty-eight of the 196 horses participating in the event were PRE Horses. This edition saw an elevated number of high-quality participants.

    Congratulations to you all!!
  • Source — ANCCE — 07/09/2021
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