• 30/08/2021

    Lectures about the PRE Breeding Program and Conformation Competitions Rules for ANCCEMEX in Guadalajara, México

    This activity was carried within the scope of EXPORTGEN coverage and the framework of the Conformation Competition held in Zapopan, Jalisco (Mexico). The meeting brought together hundreds of Mexican breeders who were on hand and participating in the ANCCEMEX Conformation Competition, held in Guadalajara and organized by Mexico’s PRE Breeders’ Association.

    Among the various Purebred Spanish Horse-related educational and promotional activities was the ANCCE delegation, under the leadership of President Jose Juan Morales. The group travelled to the venue to participate in meetings with breeders from both Mexico and other neighboring countries. A series of lectures were offered. Jose Ramon Fernandez, president of the ANCCE Technical Committee of Judges presented Developments in the Conformation Competition Rules and the Judging Manual. On the other hand, Pedro J. Azor, Assistant Manager of the PRE Stud Book and Technical Manager of the PRE Breeding Program presented the latest Progress in the Purebred Spanish Horse Breeding Program.

    The aforementioned events were undertaken as part of Grupo Operativo EXPORTGEN activities and the platform that arose within framework of this project—Livestock Genetics from Spain (LGFS). Among others aspects of the Group’s 2021 plans is the promotion and internationalization of PRE genetic material.

    To carry out this innovative project, EXPORTGEN created a marketing and export structure for genetic material, thanks to a series of grants: 80% from the European Rural Development Fund (ERDF) and 20% from Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Source — ANCCE — 30/08/2021
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