• 01/08/2008

    Justice backs ANCCE

    Appeal presented by Torrehermoso against the agreements reached at the 2006 Ordinary Assembly rejected by the Courts.  

    Appeals Court number 16 in Sevilla has rejected the appeal presented by Torrehermoso (Eduardo Torres), Ángel Cascales and Mª de las Nieves Rojas and has sentenced them to paying all court costs.

    This the second time that justice has backed the decisions reached by the ANCCE ordinary General Assembly, held on April 8 of 2006, in which the incorporation of new members was temporarily suspended, as well as the correct processing of other association members until November of 2005.  

    The Assembly adopted this agreement with the majority support of the breeders, who understood that the massive and sudden incorporation of new members with voting rights just prior to elections could indicate the manipulation of the election census.  

    The judge confirmed that the rights of breeders were not infringed upon, nor were the ANCCE by-laws when the said agreement was reached, thus rejecting the appeal presented by the lawyer and breeders from Granada, Eduardo Torres, Ángel Cascales and Mª de las Nieves Rojas.

    The sentence is final, and ratifies the sentence handed down on the third of May of 2007 by the first Appeals Court and therefore, no further appeal may be presented.  

    [PDF] Included herein is the full legal text (English).

    [PDF] Original full legal text (Spanish).

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  • Source — ANCCE — 01/08/2008