• 19/07/2021

    PRE Pairs Selected for the 2021 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden

    Once the last qualifier competition for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses concluded, and in keeping with the selection mandates set out by Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation, the list with four Purebred Spanish Horse pairs presented by Trainer Daniel Martin Dockx is as follows:

    [PDF] Consult Trainer’s Document

    5 YEARS
    Main Pairs
    BRIO DE TUCABALLOANDALUZ (previously Brio de Centurion), owned by Jose Maria Anguas Medina, bred by Yeguada Centurion and ridden by Jesus Pascual.
    XO GIRALDES MOR, owned by Las Morerias and ridden by Carlos Bayo.

    ZEO DE PENA, owned by Yeguada Pena and ridden by Diego González.
    BRILLANTE DE CENTURION, owned by Yeguada Centurion and ridden by Juan Manuel Galeano.

    6 YEARS
    Main Pairs
    FUEGO TG, owned by Yeguada Teresa Goode and ridden by Pedro Hernandez.
    TRAPALO DE INDALO, owned by Yeguada Indalo and ridden by Alejandro Sanchez del Barco.

    TINTINEO NADALES, owned by Yeguada Nadales and ridden by Alejandro Sánchez del Barco.
    SANTANDERINO NADALES, owned by Jose Luis Montosa, bred by Yeguada Nadales and ridden by Alejandro Cadenas.

    7 YEARS
    Main Pairs
    NORTEÑO FS, owned by Yeguada Arroyomonte and ridden by Alberto Garcia-Briñon.
    BANDUENDO, owned by Yeguada Río Grande, bred by Andrés Cabrera Montero and ridden by Gustavo Artillo.

    TEATRERO DE CENTURION, owned by Yeguada Centurion and ridden by Joseph Robert Hunt
    QUADRIGO NADALES V, owned by Yeguada Nadales and ridden by Alejandro Sánchez del Barco.

    All of the horses included in the Team have surpassed the corresponding veterinarian examination by Federation authorities and may be subject to later and mandatory examinations prior to the actual commencement of the event.

    We greatly appreciate the efforts of all those involved in this selection process: breeders, riders, grooms and the Royal Equestrian Federation.

    **IMPORTANT: To enter horses, it is essential that said horse has a valid 2021 FEI (International Equestrian Federation) registration number prior to the 26th (Monday) of July.
    Another equally essential mandate is to have an international FEI passport and forward a copy to mgonzalez@ancce.com

    For this process, you may pay €50 online from Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation web site and send in a scanned copy of horse’s original passport (cover page, data, graphic description, origins, etc.). This is the link for Horses; the system will request your horse’s LAC number and microchip ID number.
    By the aforementioned dates, riders must also be registered with the FEI. Should a rider not yet be registered, online payment may be made at: Riders.
    Likewise, all horses must have a valid FEI passport. To obtain this passport, you will need to send Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation a copy of the horse’s ANCCE passport, together with a copy of the deposit receipt for the payment of €225 (plus €12 for messenger service). This amount is payable by bank transfer to the account BSCH ES61 0049 1893 05 2610259454. Remember to include your return address where you will receive the corresponding passport.

    Ignacio Candau
    President of the Dressage Commiss
  • Source — ANCCE — 19/07/2021
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