• 07/06/2021

    2021 Absolute Dressage Championship of Spain, Adapted and Masters

    Guillermo García and Poeta de Susaeta, Champions of Criterium National

    The 2021 Absolute Dressage Championship of Spain concluded last night in Oliva Nova (Valencia). It was a very close championship that was competitive and very demanding. The audience enjoyed Dressage in all its glory and the presence of Purebred Spanish Horses that performed beautifully every time they entered the arena, to offer magnificent scores in the general classifications.

    The level in Criterium has increased significantly; it is also a favorite among the general audience. The final results were exciting right to the very end. The averages, including Prix St. Georges, Intermediate I and Kür, sentenced the coming and going of positions on the roster. Guillermo García riding Poeta de Susaeta was proclaimed champion of the National Criterium, which is an extremely important accomplishment, thus adding to his already extensive collection of titles and trophies with his inseparable partner Poeta de Susaeta (215.217), owned by Yeguada Susaeta.

    Grand Prix
    One of the greatest Grand Prix sensations of this Championship was Romero de Trujillo ridden by Teia Hernandez. Placing fifth in the general classification, the audience fell in love with Yeguada Trujillo’s flagship horse. The pair performed their musical test (76.555%) for the second time, including exercises showing track changes along the center line followed by a lovely transition to the piaffe. To be among the top five at their first championship and first season at this level is a true milestone; undoubtedly this predicts major success in the years to come.

    From one PRE to another…. Joya FS is the jewel in the crown of Yeguada Arroyomonte and one that shown in its own light. The current SICAB 2020 Champion is always surprising. Alberto García-Briñon and Joya FS earned an excellent musical score of 74.370%.

    Young Horses

    The Young Horse Masters coincided with the Absolute Championship of Spain. Over the four days, there were a large number of PRE Horses participating in the event with excellent results.

    Among 7-year-old horses, Yeguada Arroyomonte was once again a winner with Norteño FS ridden by Alberto García-Briñon; this pair took PRE Horses to the zenith in the classification to return home wearing the Championship banner. Bronze went to Teatrero de Centurion, owned by Yeguada Centurion and ridden by Joseph Robert Hunt.

    Among 6-year-olds, another PRE stepped up on the podium. Tintineo Nadales from Yeguada Nadales and ridden by Alejandro Sánchez del Barco placed third.

    One of the categories with more and more participants is Children. In 2019, there were eight participants, and in 2021 the number of participants increased to 18 contestants. This first season is worthy of mention; the gold went to Jeannette Vallvé riding PRE Zanon, owned by Ganaderia Antonio Melia and bred by Pedro Marque Taltavull. Under the watchful eye of trainer Patricia Sanchez, Jeannette landed one of her best Sundays to date with an impressive 74.537%.

    Adapted Dressage
    Regarding the Spanish National Championship for Adapted Dressage, PRE horses ran away with the awards in the various Grade categories.

    In Grade V, gold and silver were for two different PRE horses. First place was for Olga Jorda with her mare Luna CCL (205.877) while second place was for Marta Rosas with Music La Devesa (203.132), owned by Jordi Rosas and bred by Yeguada La Devesa.

    In Grade VI, the podium was for Purebred Spanish Horses. Olimpico XIX, ridden by Maria Sanchez Lopez (202.985) and owned by Yeguada Vega Yares, placed first. They were followed by Operario VI, ridden by owner Alejandro Jose Espejo (193.486) and Paladuz de Zumacar, owned by Fernando Cejudo, bred by Club Hipico Zumacar with Blanca Granados (184.964) holding the reins.

    Regarding Criterium, silver and bronze were once again for PRE Horses: Queimada VI, with Rosa María Mondragon in the saddle and owned by Hnos. García Saiz (181.073) placed second. The mare Triana CG, owned by Yeguada Emilie Cecile Vitry, bred by Cal Gasparo and ridden by Elizaveta Camuñas returned home with the bronze.

    The curtain fell on the Masters Championship and all of the participants deserve our congratulations for their efforts and above all for the level shown, especially the Champions.

    Photos: Lily Forado

  • Source — ANCCE — 07/06/2021
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