• 05/05/2021

    The Latest Improvements of the ANCCE Competition Web App Allows you to Consult a Horse’s Progeny and Siblings

    This latest improvement is a major step forward in terms of quality. Thus, it is the only official PRE web app that updates official Stud Book data

    Since last October when ANCCE fully renovated it responsive and adapted web app to make it accessible from any device, we have continue working on other improvements.The most recent novelty is that you may now consult the progeny and all siblings of any PRE participating in competitions. You may also obtain other detailed information including a horse’s career in sports, whatever the discipline, scores, etc. Likewise, you may view the name of the owner/breeder with the corresponding brand for each of those horses—this later was recently incorporated into the official ANCCE Competition web app.

    This latest improvement is a qualitative step forward. It makes the official PRE Competition web app the only one that is complete with updated official PRE Stud Book data.
    In 2020, this web app enjoyed over 1,100,000 visits from more than 60,000 users. This
    proves that it has become a favorite among Purebred Spanish Horse breeders. If you have
    yet to download the app, there are tutorials for both iOS and Android that show you
    how to install it onto your device of choice
    . You may prefer, there is a verbal tutorial
    about how to manage the app and the characteristics of the official Purebred Spanish Horse
    Competition web app.

    [WEB] Tutorial for iOS and Android installation
    [WEB] Tutorial about how to use the APP
  • Source — ANCCE — 05/05/2021