• 16/04/2021

    KWPN Authorizes the Registration of Foals Born out of KWPM Mares by Purebred Spanish Stallions

    In 2018, the KWPN Stud Book opened up to genetic diversity among its Dressage horses by allowing the progeny of KWPN stallions and Purebred Spanish (PRE) mares to be registered in its A Register. At the same time, this means that future offspring of these same horses may also be registered in that Stud Book.

    Recently, a group of breeders presented the proposal also register the products out of KWPN mares by PRE stallions. This crossbred has been approved and the descendants will be accepted in the KWPN B Register, therefore, these horses will receive the corresponding KWPN passport.

    Horses appearing in the B Register may qualify for sports and depending on their qualities or their descendants, could become approved stallions for the Dutch breed.
  • Source — KWPN — 16/04/2021