• 24/03/2021

    Latest Developments for the PRE Breeding Program

    The implementation of European Union Zootechnical Rules, EU Regulation 2016/1012 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated the 8th of June, 2016, ("Animal Breeding Regulation"), led to the updating of Breeding Programs with the principles and concepts that were contained in that Regulation.

    Due to the interest shown in these changes in the Breeding Program and the demand for information within the PRE breeding sector, ANCCE will develop a campaign to inform and share information regarding the consequences and advantages of this system, in addition to collecting the sector’s concerns and suggestions.

    As everyone already knows, the Breeding Program has been developed with its eyes set on Dressage, due to its importance as an Olympic sport. It seems that the time is ripe to include other disciplines such as Working Equitation and Spanish High School, which will improve the marketing possibilities of our horses.

    To undertake any Breeding Program, it is essential to count on the participation of a significant number of horses in tests that are valid as performance controls for the Selection Program, so that the values obtained at said events (Genetic Index) are sufficiently reliable.

    The Genetic Indexes are obtained from data collected:
    • From the Lineal Conformation Score, which is performed during Basic Assessments.
    • During participation in Young Horse Selection Tests and Dressage Competitions.
    • At Functionality tests at Conformation Competitions.
    • At the tests established for Spanish High School or Working Equitation, among others.

    ANCCE is currently studying and analyzing the possibility of designing—if and when it has verified reliability—another IgG for morphology, conformation and functionality.PRE Association members and breeders in general will be informed about the results from these studies, as well as the measures implemented to favor and facilitate participation in performance controls.

    Therefore, ANCCE, upon seeing the needs of the sector for further training, information and the inclusion of other sports in the Breeding Program, has decided to postpone the launching of certain advances included in the new Breeding Program relative to Groups A and B.

    Once again, the Association would like to summons all breeders to participate in the various tests with their horses so that further data may be collected for the Breeding Program. Not only is participation important for the data obtained, but it serves to increase the reliability of the Genetic Indexes of breeders’ horses.

  • Source — ANCCE — 24/03/2021
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