• 09/03/2021

    ANCCE Signs a 3-year Agreement with Oxer Sport to Market SICAB

    Oxer Sport, a leading sport marketing firm that also manages equestrian sponsorships in Spain, has become the official and exclusive organization to market SICAB from 2021 to 2023. Oxer handles the trade fair’s area of marketing and sponsors as the event celebrates its thirtieth edition. Among the various aspects of the agreement is the live broadcast of SICAB on a specialized equestrian television platforms - ClipMyHorse.TV - that enjoys some 2.6 million paying viewers from 200 countries.

    This collaboration agreement was signed by the presidents of both organizations - ANCCE and Oxer Sport, a major Spanish firm in equestrian sponsors - yesterday morning at the main association offices.

    Jose Juan Morales, President of ANCCE, is optimistic about this agreement. He stated that “this alliance will be an economic and qualitative upgrade for SICAB over the next few years.”

    Alvaro Arrieta, president of Oxer Sport, has expressed his optimism with this agreement and confessed that “SICAB is an event with unbelievable potential and history. As such, the OXER team is very happy and excited about this new project, and we appreciate the confidence shown in us.”

    Oxer Sport
    Oxer Sport is a Spanish firm and leader in sports marketing and the management of equestrian sponsors. Among their objectives is the optimization of business investments by linking corporate images to the values of freedom and the inherent dynamics of equestrian sports.

    Oxer Sport is a consultant and promotor of major international equestrian projects in Spain, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy and Ireland.
  • Source — ANCCE — 09/03/2021
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