• 05/03/2021

    New 2021 Seasonal Sports Plan Calendar

    For the time being, meetings are conditioned to the developments of the current Equine Herpesvirus (Rhinopneumonitis) outbreak and the measures implemented by authorities.

    ANCCE has the dates for this year’s first clinics that will be organized in three areas of Spain (northern, central and southern). Due to the current outbreak of equine herpesvirus (Rhinopneumonitis), thedates proposed for April, May and June are subject to the developmentsof the current outbreak and the measures taken by authorities. 

    Remember that the coordinator of these meetings continues to be Olympic rider Jose Daniel Martin Dockx, who will share the 2-day work sessions with riders throughout the week. Likewise, note must be taken that space is limited, and preference will be given to those pairs currently competing this season and those showing the best aptitudes in the opinion of the coordinator. 

    Registration is free of charge for Full-fledged members of ANCCE. In the case of non-members, the registration fee is €150 per encounter.  All participants will need to pay the stabling fee upon arrival.   

    The first three meetings, for which you may now register, are planned as followed:
    ► First 2021 clinic | Central Spain:
    April 8 - 9 at the equestrian facilities of Centro Ecuestre de Castilla y Leon, in Segovia.

    ► Second 2021 clinic | Southern Spain:
    May 13 - 14 at Centro Hípico Los Albardones, in Medina Sidonia (Cadiz).

    ► Third 2021 clinic | Northern Spain:
    June 3 - 4 at Centro Ecuestre Finca Abrigosa, in Santa Maria de Vigo (La Coruña).

    To register one or more horses, please send in the request form by email to rolivares@ancce.com  Remember to specify the encounter where you wish to participate, and include a 3-minute video showing your horse’s paces.
    [PDF] 2021 Seasonal Sports Plan Request Form

    For further information regarding the Season Sports Plan, go to the link below:
    [WEB] Seasonal Sports Plan
  • Source — ANCCE — 05/03/2021
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