• 02/03/2021

    2021 Conformation Judge Categories Available

    Once the non-binding activity, availability, usage and training course score reports have been presented by the Technical Committee of Judges to the ANCCE Executive Committee, the following groups of judges have been approved and announced for 2021:

    GROUP 1: these will judge 3* competitions and all those events held internationally, as well as the World PRE Horse Championship Final (SICAB 2021).
    GROUP 2 – SUBSTITUTES FOR GROUP 1: these will judge 2* and 1* national competitions; they may also judge 3* and international events due to the absences or inability of a Group 1 judge to attend.
    GROUP 2: these will judge national 2* and 1* competitions.

    This corresponds to a single category of Judges who may judge 3*, 2* and 1* competitions. Nevertheless, the general list authorizes a group of four (4) judges who are the only ones who may judge international events.

    [WEB] List of 2021 Conformation Competition Judges

    The Executive Committee has approved a quarterly review of the initial categories, based on the actions of judges. Thus, this current distribution may change throughout the year. In such case, all changes will be announced immediately to judges and breeders.
  • Source — ANCCE — 02/03/2021
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