• 04/07/2008

    ANCCE publishes the list of approved horses

    The ANCCE web (www.ancce.es) offers a list of approved horses owned by full members.  The list contains all those horses that were approved between 2004 a 2007.  Just click or cut and paste the link provided below:


    This link provides published information regarding the horse, its owner at the time of the TQB and its breeder. There is also a system that allows you to search by the horse’s name, breeder or owner.    

    We are currently in the process of expanding the information provided by collecting photographs of these horses. In addition, the results of the 2008 TQBs will appear as the events are held, which will be available in the TQB–Results section of the main menu.  

    In addition, full members of ANCCE have special access to www.ancce.com, where they can view the full list of approved horses in the same period with the same information. To access this area of the web, breeders must use their password and user name.  All ANCCE breeders may contact the IT department to request a user name and password by emailing informatica@ancce.com or calling +34 954 689 260.

    For more information, go to prensa@ancce.com

  • Source — ANCCE — 04/07/2008