• 25/02/2021

    First Dressage Academy Inaugurated in Shanghai, China

    The firm Andequus, promotor of this Dressage Academy in China, has managed to create of the most prestigious equestrian clubs in Shanghai. It has all been possible thanks to Spaniard Jose Luis Muñoz, who has put his hand in the fire for Purebred Spanish Horses as the breed of choice for both training and riding, which will be governed by Spanish riding criteria. Currently, these horses are the best classified in the Dressage Championships where they participate. Muñoz foresees that the level-based equestrian learning system will soon be implemented.

    In recent years, China’s increasing interest in horses has grown tremendously. Today, there are more than 2000 equestrian centers.

    For ANCCE, one of its main challenges is to work tirelessly in major emerging markets with economic possibilities to promote, present and share information about Purebred Spanish Horses, their virtues and aptitudes for sports. This is especially true in countries with a growing number of equestrian enthusiasts and therefore, an increase in professionals involved in equine-related sports. Thus, the Academy is extremely beneficial as a showcase for PRE Horses in Asian.

  • Source — ANCCE — 25/02/2021
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