• 04/02/2021

    ANCCE, at the hand of EXPORTGEN, participates in the digital edition of EuroTier

    Participation at the venue is possible thanks to the Exportgen virtual stand, where visitors may consult doubts and request information about the project and the breed

    Purebred Spanish Horses will participate in the digital edition of EuroTier, which is one of the most important international trade fairs dedicated to livestock production, from the 9th to the 12th of February at the hand of the Grupo Operativo Creación and its genetic marketing and export structure dedicated to native breeds of Spain (EXPORTGEN). This initiative is led by FEAGAS, Spain’s Federation of Select Livestock Breed Associations.

    EXPORTGEN will participate in the event with a virtual stand where visitors may consult doubts and request information about the project and the three breeds participating in this Operational Group Project: Purebred Spanish Horses, Asturiana de los Valles and Rubia Gallega, with the two latter being cattle breeds.

    Specifically, ANCCE will promote PREs with an informative pamphlet, a promotional video, a conformation tutorial, links to the Association Stud Book websites as well as access to the ANCCE portal for the sales of horses and coverings, among other materials.
    Just go to: www.horseonline.es

    Would you like to visit EuroTier? To do so, contact FEAGAS at: feagas@feagas.es
    To request you pass or enter, go to: Purchase tickets
    To attend Eurotier Middle East Preview Day: Get a ticket

    This Operational Group has launched a joint structure to promote and market Spain’s livestock genetic material abroad. Such products are evermore appreciated internationally. EXPORTGEN is coordinated by FEAGAS as the umbrella organization for select livestock in Spain. Three of Spain most international livestock breeds are also members of the Group that spearheads the efforts striving to gain importance for the most immediate future of our sector. These three breeds are the Purebred Spanish Horse (through ANCCE) and two cattle breeds, which are the Asturiana de los Valles (by means of ASTURGEN and ASEAVA) and Rubia Gallega (through ACRUGA).

    Other members of EXPORTGEN include subcontracted companies such as ESMEDAGRO, AGERÓN, Xenética Fontao and VISAVET that collaborate with Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food through the General Under-directorate Office for Health Agreements and Border Control and ICEX.

    This innovative project by G.O. Creación de Estructura de Comercialización y Exportación de Material Genético (EXPORTGEN) has been possible thanks to grants from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (80%) and Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (20%).

  • Source — ANCCE — 04/02/2021
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