• 04/07/2008

    Major changes for the auction

    In 2008, the 5th PRE Horse Auction will be held on Saturday, the 29th of November at a venue outside of SICAB.

    Last year’s experience has motivated changes in several aspects to guarantee the success of this auction.


    -    The auction will take place at a venue outside SICAB. The Equestrian Event is an extremely important attraction for visitors and potential purchasers; therefore, the auction will coincide in time with SICAB, but, SICAB is also a significant market for PRE Horses.  This could result in staunch competition and comparisons between the horses competing at the Spanish National Championships. Accredited and potential buyers will be transferred by bus to the auction venue, where they will be attended.

    -    Likewise, the auction must have its own personality and be held in a relaxed environment without the distraction of the other activities held at SICAB.

    -    The starting prices for horses will the same as in 2006; that is to say, €6,000 for the stallions, €4,500 for the mares and €2,500 for each filly of a lot.

    -    Horses will be presented at SICAB from Tuesday to Friday, thus increasing their presence in the arena so they can be seen by those who are interested.

    -    Auction promotion will be increased through agreements with equestrian magazines to disseminate information about the auction and the horses taking part in it. Also, there will publicity in international magazines to attract potential buyers from other countries as well as contacts will brokers from other countries to invite them to the auction. Our web-site will continue to report on all auction-related matters.

    There will be a veterinary protocol for the selection of horses.  The X-ray examination will be valid for the presentation of the horse at a TQB, under the 2008 conditions for the tribunals.

    In summary, we expect the auction during SICAB 2008 to be a complete success, in terms of participation and sale of horses, to help ANCCE members to better market and increase the sales of their horses.

  • Source — ANCCE — 04/07/2008