• 10/11/2020

    ANCCE e-Training: train your horse with the Olympic rider Jose Daniel Martin Dockx

    New ANCCE e-training Summons, with Limited Space

    ANCCE e-Training is a user-friendly and simple method that is based on monthly, video-based training follow-up. All a horse owner needs to do is send in a video showing his/her horse’s work and the trainer—in this case, Olympic rider Jose Daniel Martin Dockx—drafts a technical report for the horse/rider pair and provides comments for the rider by means of a private video conference call to discuss how to solve the problems seen in each horse in an effort to continue advancing in the training process.
    Monthly follow-up makes life easier for riders as their progress is observed individually. Thanks to this system, the emphasis may be placed on specific points that the trainer and rider consider essential.

    Advantages of this Training System:

    - Breeders have access to an extraordinary trainer with ample experience as a rider. It is all possible at a reduced rate (€ 30 + VAT per horse/month in the case of Full-fledged Members and € 60 + VAT for Non-members).
    - There is no need to transport your horse to the clinic venue.
    - Riders may continue to train at their stud farms, using their own facilities, where they make a monthly video that is later sent to ANCCE privately.

    Limited Space

    Go to the link below for further information about this type of training and to be in the loop when it comes to follow-up dates.

    [WEB] ANCCE e-Training

    To register, fill out the form (click on the link below) and start working with the best team possible.

    [WEB] ANCCE e-Training Registration Form

  • Source — ANCCE — 10/11/2020