• 23/10/2020

    Advertise in the “SICAB Special” edition of El Caballo Español magazine

    Currently, and once the 30th edition of the International PRE Trade Fair has concluded, the press office is working on a new edition of our digital and interactive magazine El Caballo Español and its “SICAB 2020 Special” (nº 253), where the Fair is the one and only protagonist of this edition.  The various sports with the results, awards and successes will be covered in full detail. 

    This multimedia magazine has become the ideal platform to launch a powerful advertising campaign with extra contents including pictures, videos and links and targeting a specialized audience interested in Purebred Spanish Horses.  
    This edition, in both Spanish and English, is unique within the equestrian sector and it is viewed by more than 50,000 people from 67 countries.

    [PDF] El Caballo Español magazine publicity dossier 

    To conclude, remember that we have other digital communication channels where you may also advertise your stud farm: ANCCE website and Official Competition website and App.

    For further information, doubts or suggestions, please contact Inmaculada Rodriguez at prensa@ancce.com or call +34 954 689 260 (option 2).
  • Source — ANCCE — 23/10/2020