• 24/06/2008

    Fuego XII—the first horse officially selected for Beijing 2008

    Boby Fernandez de Bobadilla, the Dressage Director of the Spanish Royal Equestrian Federation, gave us the news first hand: “Fuego XII has been the first horse of those selected, chosen by Jan Betelmans to represent Spain at Beijing 2008!  This happened the Sunday following the competition held in Rotterdam (Holland). Fuego XII’s splendid performance resolved all doubts; in addition, the national trainer believes that the presence of a PRE in the arenas is fundamental for the image of Spain.  The PRE becomes a patriotic symbol. 

    Initially, nobody expected to know anything for sure until mid-July, just after the Aachen competition, but events precipitated the decision and we now know who will be at least one of the team members.  Now the other two must be chosen, and I suppose they follow the original plans, in other words, after Aachen.

    Our congratulations go to all, and we most sincerely hope that you all achieve a good result; but, you must understand this, especially Juan Manuel Muñoz and to his horse Fuego XII

  • Source — ANCCE — 24/06/2008