• 29/09/2020

    Newsletter 4 · SICAB 2020: Members

    Before starting, I would like to thank you all for the cooperation you provide SICAB year after year. This year, that appreciation is even greater. Despite the current circumstances, we are firmly convinced that this year—notwithstanding last-minute intervention on behalf of the authorities—SICAB will be a reality. In fact, just today, setting up all the necessary infrastructure has begun

    Given the uniqueness of this year’s events, we wish to itemize a number of aspects regarding SICAB. The goal is for the event to run smoothly within the limits affecting us all due to the COVID-19 pandemic

    - Dressage Week: 99 horses among all Dressage tests.
    - Conformation Competitions: 249 horses among all sections, ranging from 15 entries in the smallest group to 31 in the category with the highest number of participants.

    There are 25 VIP stands, all of which comply with social distancing requirements. REMEMBER that those of you who have been granted a VIP Stand, including the actual location, have not special seniority rights with regards to future editions, when the parameters from the 2019 edition will be implemented.

    It is important to note that six (6) passes per VIP Stand will be granted. Only those wearing said passes have access to this area. Passes must be worn in a visible location at all times. Anyone who fails to wear his/her pass in a visible location will immediately be invited to leave the grounds.

    While in the VIP stand, as well as all other areas of the grounds, GUESTS MUST WEAR FACE MASKS and FACE COVERINGS CORRECTLY AT ALL TIMES. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED. Moreover, while in the VIP Stands, guests must remain seated at all times.

    This year, all professionals participating in SICAB will be provided with passes; these passes must be worn at all times. PASSES MUST BE WORN IN A VISIBLE LOCATION AT ALL TIMES. ANYONE WHO FAILS TO WEAR HIS/HER PASS IN A VISIBLE LOCATION WILL IMMEDIATELY BE INVITED TO LEAVE THE GROUNDS AND THE PASS CANCELLED, SHOULD IT BE WORN BY ANOTHER PERSON. Under aged children must also be duly accredited, with their pass being visible at all times.

    - FULL-FLEDGED MEMBERS: Breeders who are Full-fledged members will be sent documentation by email, with the corresponding QR code. This will provide you access to collect the passes for all Full-fledged ANCCE members. Due to this year’s capacity limitations, you are asked not to request more passes. There are no invitations and ANCCE staff have strict orders to comply with government mandates, who have established the rules this year.
    - PARTICIPATING BREEDERS: In addition to your breeder passes, you will receive staff passes for those working on/for your stud farm and who come to the competition. Everyone MUST wear his/her pass at all times, and this pass must be visible. Also, you will be provided with an on-ground parking pass, as this year, there is no marquee for mares, thus providing parking space within the confines of the FIBES Fair Grounds.
    - ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: You will receive an email with the corresponding QR code. This code will allow you to access the grounds to collect your pass.
    - OTHER PASSES: Grooms, riders, organizers, judges and sponsors.

    To pick up your passes, you must show your ID (passport). If the person collecting the passes is not the actual owner of the stud farm, he/she must present a signed authorization with a photocopy of the member’s ID. Likewise, participants must be in good standing with ANCCE and have complied with all economic obligations.

    Regarding breeder access at this edition, the standard will be:

    - Week for the Dressage Finals and Young Horse Selection Tests: Entry through the North gate. At previous editions, this was the access for riders, presenters and grooms. (For better understanding, see map included herein).

    - Week for Conformation: The same access will be used (North gate) and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, an access will be provided to the mall in Pavilion 1 (see map).

    Under no circumstances will there be access through the main dome entry. This gate is reserved for the general public, based on strict capacity rules.

    [PDF] SICAB 2020 access map


    - Week for the Dressage Finals and Young Horse Selection Tests: Access for horses is limited to Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th of October. On Monday, the gates will be open from 12 noon until 8:00 pm. The gates will be open on Tuesday from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm. All horses must leave the grounds and FIBES facilities before 11:00 pm on Saturday, the 10th of October. The only exception is for horses that are stabled for both weeks of SICAB.

    - Week for Conformation: Horses will be welcomed on Sunday the 11th and Monday the 12th of October between 9:30 am and 8:00 pm. Should a breeder wish to bring his/her horses on Saturday, the 10th of October, they must inform the organizers in advance, in addition to paying a €100 fee per horse for stabling.

    - ANCCE Cup for Spanish High School and Working Equitation: Horses competing in these events are welcomed on Thursday, the 15th of October between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm.

    This year’s edition of SICAB, due to the exceptional situation, will allow horses to leave early, both the first week and the second week. Once a horse has concluded its participation, it may leave the FIBES fair grounds, but always after informing the Organizing Committee so that the necessary administrative procedures are carried out to obtain the final authorization. If a breeder fails to comply with this rule, that horse will be considered to have abandoned the competition without permission, thus leading to the corresponding consequences.
    In any case, all horses participating in the conformation competition must leave the FIBES fair grounds before 9:00 on Sunday, the 18th of October.

    In the end, there will be two (2) geotextile competition arenas measuring 65 x 25 meters each. These will be located in Pavilions 1 and 2 and there will be a corridor connecting these two arenas. This corridor will be made of compacted silica sand. Outside, there will also be another two (2) arenas with yellow albero sand.

    - Both of the main arenas are fully surrounded with stands where visitors may sit (see the map included herein indicating the two (2) areas reserved exclusively for breeders).

    - Being that the capacity of the stands is limited, each seat will indicate whether it may be used or not. In any case, these indications MUST be honored; even in the case of a family unit (social distancing is paramount).

    - Horses housed and stabled at the FIBES facilities that do not participate in Dressage, may not, under any circumstance be trained on a rope nor may they access the competition arenas. The only exception is in the case of stallions participating in the Functionality Tests. In this case, they may exercise, in saddle, as of 8:30 pm in the arena of Pavilion 2.

    In keeping with the agreement signed between ANCCE and the Sevilla City Hall, which is the main sponsor of the event, 1,300 invitations will be given out daily by the means deemed appropriate. These holders will be the only people who may access FIBES facilities. This does not include breeders, employees and participants. These people may access the grounds through the main gate at the dome.

    The agreement with City Hall authorizes a limited number of commercial stands in Pavilion 2 at FIBES. Pavilion 2 will house the ANCCE stand, that of sponsor El Molino, the ANCCE offices and the PRE Stud Book stand.

    At all accesses for breeders and their staff, the following measures will be applied:

    - Promote credit card payment to avoid touching money.
    - Tables with hand sanitizer are at all entrances. Sanitizer must be used by any and all people accessing the grounds.
    - Everyone will have their temperature taken. If a person has a body temperature equal to or above 37.5º said person may not access the grounds. In these cases, the temperature will be taken twice.
    - Masks or face coverings must be worn correctly by all those entering the grounds. Passes must be worn (hung from the neck); these points will be verified.
    - Failure to comply with the list below will lead to your pass being revokes and you will be removed immediately from the grounds:

    - Masks must be worn correctly at all times. DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR mask or face covering!
    - No smoking or vaping inside the pavilions.
    - Wear your pass in a visible location, or from your neck. It must be visible at all times.
    - Drinks are not allowed inside the pavilions, except water.
    - At least once a day, the FIBES grounds and facilities will be disinfected.
    - There will be special trash cans inside the pavilions for you to throw away your masks/face coverings.
    - There will be a specific service where you may purchase single-use surgical masks.
    - All ANCCE staff and sub-contacted employees will use FFP2 masks at all times, as well as other protective measures deemed appropriate by the organizers.

    - Breeders and presenters are encouraged NOT TO LEAVE the grounds, except due to exceptionally important reasons. Please do not leave the grounds throughout the day. This recommendation seeks to facilitate watching all events of interest from the stands. Being that the capacity is limited, you may find that upon returning, maximum capacity has been reached and entry is IMPOSSIBLE.
    - In those cases in which you must leave the grounds, as you leave, you will be given a token, which you return upon re-entry. This, due to hygiene concerns, invisible ink stamps will not be used. Upon re-entering the grounds, and in addition to returning the object, you must be wearing your pass in a visible location.
    - Daily, the FIBES gates and grounds will close promptly at 9:00 pm.
    Upon collecting all passes, each and every breeder or his/her representative, MUST provide and/or comply with the following:

    - A written list with the full names and contact info for all staff working with the Stud Farm the week/s of SICAB. (THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED HEREIN AND IT MUST BE FILLED OUT WHEN YOU COME TO COLLECT YOUR DOCUMENTATION FOR EACH PARTICIPANT).
    - Sign a Statement of Liability by which you are committed to comply with all COVID rules, as well as other relevant aspects regarding your background and relationships with the virus.


    - As always, there are special Rules that are published once the entry deadline has been reached: Thursday, October 1st.
    - As series of semi-finals—as was the case at past editions—will be held. The Final will include the finalists from the semi-finals, based on the number of participants per section, as determined by the Competition Rules.
    - The horse with the Best Movements in a semi-final, if this horse is not among the finalists as indicated by the Rules, will have access to the Final of its section. Should there be a tie between two (or more) participating horses, the horse with the highest percentage in Conformation will enter the Final.
    - For already explained reasons, the first semi-finals to be held at SICAB will be for stallions, so that on Wednesday, the 14th of October, functionality tests may be held and riders may, as may be the case, participate in the Spanish National Dressage Championship held in Madrid that same week, independently of the day chosen for the Conformation Final.
    - The SICAB 2020 judges will be announced once the entry deadline has been reached on Thursday, October 1st.

    As was the case in 2019, awards will be given in the arena of Pavilion 1 once each section has concluded, under the following circumstances:

    - Only one person per horse and stud farm may access the arena to accept the award.
    - The awards for each section will be given out by a single person.
    - Bronze statuettes will be placed on a table and the person who grants them must use hand sanitizer (also on the table) prior to given the statuette to the winner.
    - The diplomas for the first three winners may be picked up at the ANCCE offices, located in Pavilion 1.
    - All Special Awards will be granted on Sunday, the 18th of October in the same arena, following the already explained procedures.
    - This year, all monetary awards will be paid by bank transfer once the various competitions have concluded. Please stop by the ANCCE offices to provide us with specific banking information to proceed with payments.


    - Within a few days, a map with the locations of catering services will be provided.
    All events that generate large crowds have been cancelled. Therefore, there will be no welcome cocktail for breeders. The ANCCE stand will be a space for institutional photo calls.
    - The health and well-being of many are in jeopardy; therefore, compliance with all rules and mandates is paramount. Failure to comply with any and all rules will be consider a flagrante breach of conduct, and will lead to the immediate removal of the wrongdoer from the grounds.
    - All aspects regarding SICAB Public Relations have been cancelled.
    - The insignias for members celebrating 25 years of ANCCE membership in 2020 will be given out at next year’s edition.
    - Major efforts are underway to broadcast SICAB by streaming from the www.sicab.tv platform. Moreover, an agreement has been reached with ClipMyHorse TV. This website brings together two and a half million subscribers from all over the world and who are interested in the equestrian world and who will disseminate the unique images of SICAB 2020 the world over.
    - SICAB will have a new version of its official ANCCE completion app. It has been improved substantially. Within a few days, further information and a tutorial will be provided.
    - We request maximum collaboration and cooperation with the organizers. These are very unique circumstances; in addition to protecting ourselves, we must be an example for those following SICAB events from the four corners of the Earth.

    Lastly, included herein are the specific Rules for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage and the Young Horse Selection Test Final.

    [PDF] Specific ANCCE Cup for Dressage Rules and the Young Horse Selection Test Final

    In the hope that we enjoy the best possible SICAB, given the current circumstances, I confide in greeting you personally during the event.

    Kindest regards,

    Jaime Molina Fernandez de los Rios
    General Director
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/09/2020
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