• 17/04/2020

    ANCCE delivers health care material to the Andalusian Health Service, donated by the city of Anping (China) to combat COVID-19

    This week, ANCCE has delivered health care material to the Andalusian Health Service. All of this material was donated by the town of Anping in the Chinese province of Hebei. It is all possible thanks to the excellent ties between the Association and this equine-loving city.

    The donation includes 2,000 N95 masks, 18,000 disposable surgical masts and 100 Personal Protection Suits for use at hospitals and those locations where deemed essential.

    We greatly appreciate the solidarity shown by the town of Anping and its support at this time of need. Special thanks go to our friends and donors:

    - Meng Cai, Vice-President de China Horse Industry Association.
    - Xun Zhang, Vice-Mayor of Anping County.
    - BoZhan Wei, Secretary of the Anping County Equine Enterprise Directors Association and owner of the Ba Jun Heng Ton Equine Club.
    - Ping He, CEO of the Anping County Bao Ping Real Estate Development Company.
    - Hebei Medical University No. 2 Anping Branch Hospital.
    - Telstraight International logistics.
    - Li Yanyang, director Horsemanship magazine
    - Andequus, ANCCE collaborator in China.
  • Source — ANCCE — 17/04/2020
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