• 11/02/2020

    3-day Training Workshop for Conformation and Functionality Judges

    This morning, Sevilla played host to the first of three training workshops that ANCCE has organized for Conformation and Functionality Judges who are preparing the 2020 season. These workshops cover the main novelties in the Rules and Regulations and changes in the Judging Manual, which will later be approved and published for the knowledge of breeders, grooms/presenters and judges.

    Throughout the workshop, the technical body will also deepen into Purebred Spanish Horse breed qualities, the PRE Stud Book Breeding Program and will also perform an assessment of judges’ general knowledge about PRE Horse Conformation-Functional competitions.

    The second and third day will be tomorrow, the 12th and on Thursday, the 13th of February at Yeguada de La Cartuja-Hierro del Bocado facilities in Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Source — ANCCE — 11/02/2020
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