• 10/01/2020

    Database Update & New Information Routes: WhatsApp & Telegram

    2020 has arrived full of innovation and the latest new about the breeder industry, Purebred Spanish Horses, ANCCE, SICAB, and the list continues. Therefore, the Press and Promotion Commission are send you this communiqué to remind you just how important a correct and updated database is for ANCCE and their members, whether full-fledged, associate or associations. Our objective is to keep you informed about any and all aspects affecting our breed.

    If you have changed your email address or are planning to within the next few months, please notify us at inmasegura@ancce.com so that we can update your file.

    In addition to the more traditional means of communication (mail, web, etc.) ANCCE, as of 2019, has its own instant messenger system using WhatsApp and Telegram, which allow us to keep all those breeders who authorize the sending of news and official communiqués to their hand-held devices thanks to a simple, immediate, efficient and safe way. If you have not yet sent your authorization, please follow the instructions provided below:


    - Note down our cell phone number in your agenda: +34 675784407.
    - Once recorded, send a WhatsApp to that number indicating your full name, and the same of your stud farm.
    *It is essential that you save the ANCCE cell phone number in your agenda; otherwise, the message with the link to the magazine and other information will not reach you.

    This is a one-way messenger application. Just follow these easy steps:
    - Download the application on your cell phone.
    - Look for the channel: Caballo Español ANCCE.
    - Join the channel.

    It is important to know and understand that real and potential information empowers those who have access to it.

      Press and Promotion Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 10/01/2020