• 20/09/2019

    30% discount on RENFE train tickets for breeders visiting SICAB 2019

    Breeders travelling to Sevilla by train (RENFE) to attend the International PRE Trade Fair—SICAB 2019, will have a 30% discount on all tickets for national train routes going to or returning from Sevilla. This bargain offer is valid between the 17th and 26th of November of this year.

    If you are interested, email centralita@ancce.com and request your Discount Authorization. Be sure to include your full name. Once we have sent you the authorization with the discount, then you may proceed to purchase your train ticket at www.renfe.com. Just follow the indications provided below:

    1. Click on Welcome for English.
    2. On the form on the left, select departure and destination stations, dates, etc. the desired train, dates, etc. then click on buy.
    3. On the list of outward bound trains, click on Options to access further information. Under Fare, click on the arrow and select FLEXIBLE.
    4. Do the same for the return train, and click on NEXT.
    5. A summary of your purchase will appear. Take a look at the price; click on the arrow next to the price to access more options. Look for “Congresos/Ferias” and click on it.
    6. Introduce the authorization number provided by ANCCE in the box… Don’t worry about the Codigo Descuento box, as it is not applicable for this process.
    7. Provide all the information requested, and proceed to make payment.

  • Source — ANCCE — 20/09/2019
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