• 06/08/2019

    Download 2019 Conformation Competitions electronic scoresheets

    This option was launched in 2018 and continues to be used in 2019; it is applicable to the World PRE Championships at SICAB 2019

    Breeders participating in the various 2019 Conformation Competitions have access to their horses’ electronic score sheets. Go to the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE) web site and click on “Access for Breeders.” Then go to the menu on the left and look for Competitions, open the tab and click on Competition Scoresheet and proceed to download the corresponding PDF file. By the way, this is all accessible once the competition has concluded!

    This same download option is applicable to horses participating in the 5th World PRE Horse Championship (Conformation) at SICAB 2019. For a second consecutive year, tablets will be for scoring, thus creating the electronic scoresheet for the future pdf file. Such resources and apps quickly facilitate the task while at the same time guaranteeing all calculation for each body region. Once the competition concludes on Sunday, the 24th of November, all files will be available and accessible.
  • Source — ANCCE — 06/08/2019
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