• 28/06/2019

    Jose Juan Morales: “By launching of our own Molecular Genetics Lab, new possibilities arise for Purebred Spanish Horse research to become a milestone for both the sector and ANCCE”

    The General Assembly ratified the 2018 stewardship and approved the 2019 budget, which tallies 3.5 million euros.

    SICAB will hold its 29th edition from the 19th to the 24th of November in Sevilla. A new assessment system will be used for horses participating in the World PRE Championships.

    The 47th General Assembly of the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association (ANCCE) was held this morning at the Carriage Museum in Sevilla. Participants ratified the various points on the agenda, including the management and the 2018 annual accounts, approved the 2019 budget (more than 3.5 million euros) and the agreements adopted by the Executive Board.

    ANCCE President Jose Juan Morales opened his speech by thanking breeders making up the various governing bodies for their continued and unselfish work. Over this past year, they have all worked to attain the campaign objectives laid out. Right from the very beginning of his candidacy, he has believed in “launching our own Genetic Molecular Laboratory, which will lead to new possibilities for breed research while at the same time being a milestone for both the sector and ANCCE; the improvement and updating of communication systems that allow us to use of innovative platforms and our own, bi-directional information channels with breeders in 66 countries; our solid commitment with sports and changes in the competition models (Dressage and conformation) and the assessment systems for horses participating in the 2019 SICAB World PRE Horse Championships, which will celebrate its 29th edition from the 19th to the 24th of November in Sevilla.”

    ANCCE continues to re-design its strategies to promote the Purebred Spanish Horse, both in Spain and outside national boundaries and to place ANCCE, the Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) and SICAB in the spotlight. Over the past year, the Association has actively participated in trade fairs and equestrian events in Germany, Holland, Ecuador, Mexico, the USA and a number of cities in Spain.

    Regarding the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE), the annual report presented by its manager Arancha Rodriguez, pointed out the fact that "Purebred Spanish Horse herd the world over, as of December 31st, 2018 tallied 245,483 horses (121,678 stallions and 123,805 mares). These horses belonged to 35,527 active stud farms in 66 different countries. This translates into a 2.36% increase with regards to the previous year.” In 2018, the PRE Stud Book office registered 11,000 new horses, and almost 3000 new Purebred Spanish Horse breeders.

    Lastly, the Assembly appointed breeder and former President of ANCCE Adolfo Sánchez de Movellan, owner of Yeguada El Yunque, as the 2019 Honorary Member.

  • Source — ANCCE — 28/06/2019