• 24/04/2008

    ANCCE at the Hanse Pferd (Horse Show)

    55,000 visitors
    518 exhibitors from 20 countries
    87,000 m² exhibition hall

    With the objective of promoting the PRE at one of the main world markets, Germany, ANCCE participated in HANSE PFERD, a bi-annually horse fair held in Hamburg.  

    This year, participation was possible thanks to the collaboration of EXTENDA, which had backed the Association’s participation in 1998 and again in 2000, and ICEX.  Our appreciation goes to both organisations for their support.  

    In even years, Hamburg, in northern Germany, hosts the event.  ANCCE also participates in Equitana, a complementary event held in Essen during odd years.

    Contacts have been made with breeders in such far-reaching northern countries as Denmark.


    [Click] Para Ampliar The ANCCE stand was 40m², with two stalls to house the 2007 ANCCE High School Spanish National Champion, Caprihoso, and the Intermediate Dressage participant, Señorío JEM.  Caprihoso was ridden by José Carlos González, while Señorío JEM boasted Antonio Blanco in the saddle.  

    The stand was decorated with posters of PREs in a number of disciplines in order to demonstrate their versatility and the qualities that the breed offers.
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      Photo: Caprihoso


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      Photo: Señorío JEM
    The horses appeared in the main exhibition arena several times, where they performed extremely well and earn a standing ovation from the audience. Both horses offered a free-style show to music, as they usually do while performing.  

    During the exhibition, a text was read in German explaining the characteristics and qualities of the Purebred Spanish Horse.


    There was a great number of people at the stand, the number of which increased considerably after the PRE exhibition. The main questions regarded basic evaluations/stud book registrations in Germany, the purchase of horses and either the localization of documentation or contact information of the breeders of those horses already in Germany.

  • Source — ANCCE — 24/04/2008