• 06/03/2019

    Jose Raga appointed new coordinator of the Seasonal Sports Plan for Dressage at ANCCE

    This year, the Dressage Commission continues with its Seasonal Sports  Plan for Dressage in which the main novelty is the appointment of a new coordinator. Rider and trainer Jose Raga has been appointed by the ANCCE Board of Executives as the person responsible for coordinating the Seasonal Sports Plan for Young Riders and Adult Dressage.

    Jose Raga has a far-reaching and successful career in the world of Dressage, both as a rider and a trainer. He has participated in a wide range of Championships in Spain and Europe with young horses as well as throughout the world at important international events. In addition to his professional experience, he has the necessary technical profile and teaching skills for this project.

    In short, the ANCCE Dressage Commission will be sharing the objective for this Purebred Spanish Horse Sports Program, the work procedures to be carried out with the coordinator and the calendar of encounters for riders and owners. Also, all of the necessary information will be provided together with advice and collaboration to reinforce the number of quality contestants at all of the various levels in an effort to attain maximal potential from PRE horses in this discipline.

  • Source — ANCCE — 06/03/2019
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