• 04/03/2019

    Multimedia advertising in the new digital & interactive El Caballo Español magazine

    20% discount on the general rate for Full-fledged Members of ANCCE

    With the new digital and interactive version of El Caballo Español magazine, we have
    completely changed the concept of advertising. We can now offer readers the latest in multi-
    media publicity; instead of skipping the advertisements, readers will now want to watch them.
    Why? Because this publicity offers much greater commercial potential than the more
    limited paper edition.

    We are currently working the first issue of El Caballo Español magazine with its new format.
    The quality content will be maintained as a differential tool, but we will be adding a growing
    number of advantages, benefits and opportunities that today’s digital world is able to provide.
    Among other aspects, advertising becomes much more effective, its scope is expanded
    to increase coverage; there is prime-time exposure and of course, a growing
    promotion of your brand on national and international markets.

    Advertisements will now have “extra contents” that only a digital edition can provide. It
    will incorporate videos, links, and downloadable, immediate access files, among others.
    Thus, our magazine becomes a more inclusive and dynamic publication with greater
    marketing potential.

    The new magazine—unique in the equestrian sector thanks to its characteristics—becomes
    the perfect platform to promote your stud farm, as it targets a specialized national and
    international audience that is a Purebred Spanish Horse consumer.

    The link below takes you directly to the dossier with all the rates and fees, formats and where
    to find information about this new edition.

    [PDF] El Caballo Español Advertising Dossier

    The number of advertisements is limited; thus, publicity will be reserved once the contract
    has been formalized.

    For further information about how to launch your own annual or seasonal publicity
    campaign in this new magazine, learn about the various supports, contracts, etc. contact
    Inmaculada Rodríguez at prensa@ancce.com or call her at 954689260 (option 2).
  • Source — ANCCE — 04/03/2019